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Innovative Technology - Personal Statement Example

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When implementing internally, we need to consider; resources and support-whether there are adequate resources like money, infrastructure and specialists. The…
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Innovative Technology
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Extract of sample "Innovative Technology"

Innovative Technology Affiliation Innovative Technology Various factors need consideration before deciding on internal or external implementation of innovative technology. When implementing internally, we need to consider; resources and support-whether there are adequate resources like money, infrastructure and specialists. The structure of the organization- whether the organization has a culture that support change and the cost of implementation in relation to other alternatives. Implementing externally will require consideration of factors such as ability to meet our desired needs and goals, the cost of implementing compared to other alternatives, user friendliness of the innovation, and the flexibility of the technology (Kozma, 2003). The difference between implementing internally and externally is that, in internal implementation, the technology is designed internally to fit the organization needs but in external implementation, you have to consider an existing technology that will meet the required needs of the organization. In both issues, resources and support, and costs are an important consideration.
When evaluating an internally implemented technology, you need to consider the intended purpose of the technology, the period it has been in place, the cost incurred in implementation, and response from users. This is to assist in identifying if the technology has served the intended purpose by satisfying the organization and user expectations. It also helps in cost benefit analysis to determine whether the innovation technology has returns on investment and if it was worth investing in it (Kozma, 2003).
When acquiring an innovative technology externally, an organization has to consider various factors. Pricing, which is the primary motivation and should get the best possible, whether the prospective vendor is flexible in their approach, ability to understand what is required and prompt reply by the vendor, and qualification and experience of those carrying day-to-day operations. Reliability and stability of vendor are also important factors of consideration. The reason why the above factors should be considered is to be able to identify the potential in the provider of the technology to meet your aspired goals and needs (Kozma, 2003).
Kozma, R. B. (2003). Technology, Innovation, and Educational Change: A Global
Perspective. Eugene: ISTE (Interntl Soc Tech Educ. Read More
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