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GM Research - Essay Example

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In market analysis genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) have shown immense projection for growth and profit. Today, we have many such…
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GM Research
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Download file to see previous pages Research studies also show that this plant is capable of preventing lipid accumulation in the body thereby helping in weight loss.
Natural Garcinia has a certain concentration of the active chemical. However, with the accelerating percentage of people turning towards Garcinia for easy weight loss has been the main focus of genetic engineers. The rind of the fruit was used to make medicinal extracts. Genetic engineers have modified the plant such that the active chemical is now produced in the rind as well as in the endosperm (pulp) of the fruit
Trials were conducted on animals (rabbits). No serious condition was noticed in animal trials. Mild ocular irritation occurred when the extract was given in the right eye (Ohia et al,2002), however no literature so far suggest that the extract causes any health problems in humans.
Traditionally the agriculture industry has been the best supporter and beneficiary from innovative technology. Interbreeding and natural selection of plant traits have been a common method to grow naturally modified crops for better yield and plant characters. However, the same technique in the laboratory has been developed paving way for the much debated genetically modified crops. Genetically modified crops are not only important to science and researchers but are of immense importance to the farmers as well. The growth projection of GMO’s is directly proportional to the profits of farmers growing the GMO’s. Contrary to the most common perception that growth of genetically modied organisms or plants are anti-democratic in nature, studies and surveys have established that growing these GMO’s are in fact much more beneficial than growing the ordinary forms of the same crop or plants.”In countries where farmers are allowed to grow GM crops, they increasingly choose to do so. In 2010, 15.4 million farmers in 29 countries cultivated GM crops” (James,2010). Growing Garcinia Cambogia will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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GM Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1.
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GM Research

...are cultivated (Economic Research Services,2000). GM cultivation is not only directly beneficial for the farmers but indirectly aids in the development of the farmer as well. The money saved by cultivating cambogia or the profit obtained from the productivity will help the farmer get additional fund not only to increase his own standard of living but also help develop his farm by purchasing new and better equipments and add more farm animals etc. Therefore evidences support the contention that the adoption of GM crops leads on average to a higher economic performance, i.e., benefits, for farmers than conventional (non-GM) crops (Finger et al, 2011). CULTURAL PERCEPTION...
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...concern comparative to the other related issues. On health, studies indicate that the consumption of genetically modified foods may have unforeseen long-term adverse effects on not only human but the natural ecosystem as well, (Huebner, Studer, & Luethy, 1999: 1137). A 1998 research by the Rowett Research Institute affirmed that genetically modified potatoes contained Lancet, a substance that showed adverse effects on rats. Gene transfer and allergies are two key health risks that have been quoted as resulting from GM foods, (WHO. 2001:1). Based on several studies ingestion of GM foods may result into significant gene transfer from the respective GM...
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...Gene flow and outcrosssing does not necessarily signify environmental damage however potential risks of the transgenes escaping and establishing themselves in the natural agro ecosystems (Eastham & sweet, 2002, p10). This inbreeding between the gm cambogia plants and novel species can give rise to new genetic traits which may or may not be beneficial. POTENTIAL RISKS TO HUMANS Till date no proper sourced have indicated that usage of genetically modified Garcinia has had detrimental effects on the human health. However, the fact remains that there is existence of a certain percentage of risks in form of possible allergic reaction and immune responses. Another major risk is that since first generation GM...
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GM Food reduced food prices Low cost of production results in lower cost of produce Increased profitability provides room for negotiating food prices downwards Minimal expenses to curb agricultural carbon emissions and handling the resultant effects 5. Counterarguments: Mutagenic risks on humans Refutation: Historical use of GM foods indicate no adverse effects Safety risks Refutation: Invalid research inferences; Safety measures by the government 6. Conclusion: With the fears regarding GM foods refuted, governments should make use of the benefits of increased food production and supplies and reduced food prices to promote GM foods in their countries to alleviate...
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GM Food

... GM Foods: An Annotated Bibliography Smith, J. M. “Genetically Modified Foods Unsafe? GM Foods and Allergies.” Global Research, (2014). Web. 10 Apr. 2014. This article argues against the safety of GM foods for human consumption, further casting doubt on the competence of the current safety assessments to identify such dangers and protect humans. It cites headaches, skin rashes, allergies and eczema as some of the side effects, supported by findings on mice. It also argues for allergic and immune responses with unpredicted responses and reproductive problems as other negative effects of GM foods. Thus, this would be a useful article in providing information on criticisms of GM foods as posing health risks on humans... . The statistics therein...
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