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The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities - Outline Example

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The goal of this document "The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities" is to lay out the problem statement, brief literature review and research roadmap for writing a dissertation that addresses the various issues in relation to the multinational investments in the extractive industries…
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The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities
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Extract of sample "The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities"

Download file to see previous pages It has been observed under the review of literature that the extraction companies are mostly listed in Canada and there has been an increase in the investments of these companies in both the domestic as well as the overseas markets. In recent years, the multination investment in the extraction industries like oil and gas, mining, etc. have increased at an average rate in the US and UK. On the other hand, the multinational investments in the countries of Asia and Africa, as well as the developing economies, have increased multiple folds. While this represe4nts a win-win situation for the multinational investors in the extraction sector and the economies that are rich in the mineral and resources as their primary industrial sector, there is a gap in the literature which suggests that the multinational companies investing in the extraction industries have often faced complex situation and challenges in running their business in the extraction sector (Abdel-Fatau, 2002, p.16). The review of the literature suggests the Canadian financial market are the largest sources of equity capital for the mining and exploration industry and the expenditure of the Canadian based extraction industry accounts for almost 43% of the total expenditures by the companies in the extraction industry all over the globe. However, with the increasing performance of the extractive industries, the multinational investments have started flow into the developing countries. Although the extraction industries have been playing a major role in stimulating the growth of the host countries, there are several social and environmental challenges faced in their course of operations. It has been found that the extraction industries have performed the role of CSR on an increasing trend while operating in the overseas markets.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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