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Racial Tensions in Elderly-Care Home Setting - Essay Example

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In the paper “Racial Tensions in Elderly-Care Home Setting” the author analyzes racism as a vice in the context of modern society. There has been a lot of effort in the past aimed at eradicating the depravity, and it has notably made very positive strides forward…
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Racial Tensions in Elderly-Care Home Setting
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Extract of sample "Racial Tensions in Elderly-Care Home Setting"

Download file to see previous pages The most evident query at this point is likely to question why racism is still rampant in the elderly care home setting whereas the rest of the United Kingdom seems to have seen the light. Why is it that racism has been forced out of the society and seemed to have entertained in these homes? There are correct responses to this query but only a handful are aware of them. In fact, most residents of the nation are not aware that racism is a common practice in these homes. Although many people are not open to the idea of taking their relatives to these homes, circumstances have forced many to do so as they are not in a position to offer the much needed care (Macrae 2012).
As an effort to realise the reason behind the practice of racism in the elderly homes, it is initially appropriate to comprehend the factors that sets these home apart from society. Doing so allows one to be in a position to establish the precise factors that may to blame. These homes are meant to provide care to the elderly in the society, a population that had to live in another generation that is very separate from the one that is in force today. The elderly is society are not very vibrant and the fact that they are few as compared to other age gaps means that their influence in society is minimal (Macrae 2012).
However, bringing them together nurtures a very distinctive atmosphere that is far from the one that is in the rest of the UK society. Even though many elderly individuals may feel uncomfortable in these homes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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