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International Business Strategy - BOFFI - Essay Example

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It was founded by Piero Boffi in 1934 in Cesano Maderno. Boffi Spa was the only company that has won the Compasso d’ Oro award given by Italian Industries Design Association to those companies who have…
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International Business Strategy - BOFFI
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Extract of sample "International Business Strategy - BOFFI"

Download file to see previous pages They started offering a wide range of products like baths, lights, faucets, and other accessories. Then the company started producing third product lines like panel wall, cabinets, cupboards etc. Eventfully they started diversification and brand extension in many markets. Boffi opened their monobrand shops in places like London, New York, Frankfurt and Miami. Boffi has made its presence known across many international markets due to its wide range of quality products. They have employed an international strategy for each of the country they operate. This report will look at the external and internal forces which Boffi faces in 3 countries, Italy, France and India.
Italy has a framework of democratic, parliamentary and a multi party system. In Italy the legislative and executive are independent of each other. But recently Italy has faced a major turmoil in their political environment due to uprising of society against government of Italy. The new government of Enrico Letta is also in shaky ground. Thus present political condition of Italy is not good.
The political condition of France is not stable. Presently only 20 percent of French population supports their President which lowest presidential rating in their history. This shows that the political situation of France is rather tense. Also there is presence of strict regulation for bathrooms in the country.
Boffi had its presence in Italy since its time of inception. It faces challenges which they have been accustomed to. Italy is basically a capitalist economy, and it has a high per capita GDP. As part of European Union, Italy has a well established social and economic climate for companies to invest.
The economy of France is somewhat different than other modern economies. It is described as a rouge economy where workers go constantly on strike and operations of a company is held captive by powerful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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