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Impacts of Working with a Group of Individuals - Essay Example

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This paper aims to present reflective techniques in order to analyze the author's personal teamwork experience. Working with a group of individuals mostly has some negative and positive impacts which are experienced by the team as a whole and on an individual basis as well…
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Impacts of Working with a Group of Individuals
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Extract of sample "Impacts of Working with a Group of Individuals"

Download file to see previous pages In this paper, the teamwork, leadership, communication, and other similar theories are discussed. These are then associated with my personal teamwork incidents which affected my team and me as an individual. Since all the incidents have some or the other consequence, therefore, the results of the mentioned incidents will also be discussed. Moreover, the development of different transferable skills including influence, power, team roles, etc. will be mentioned. I have conversed about two events in this paper. The first event relates to the huge marketing activity which I was supposed to conduct with my fellows within three different university campuses. As part of our marketing course, we were given different products which were to be sold sometime later. During the project work, I encountered different situations that are highly relatable to different group work and team building theories. Secondly, I was asked to coordinate with other group members to organize a school trip for the kindergarten and primary students. Here, I experienced entirely different situations that actually relate to some other reflective theories. Eventually, I developed certain transferable skills which helped me in performing later jobs and group assignments in a better way.
Reflective techniques are highly significant in offering us different ways of doing something while making a sense and opportunity out of every uncertainty. These are also important in transforming us into a competent and ethical individual who can easily manage chaos and edge orders (Ghaye, 2000, p.7). Reflection techniques are specifically based upon thinking and doubt. It may also be understood with the concept of perplexity and hesitation about the personal experience. It plays a vital role in comprehending the real complex situation by acting carefully and considering all the involved elements. Furthermore, it emphasizes continuous learning while performing different tasks. In broader terms, it can also be distinguished into reflection-in i.e. thinking during the event and reflection-on-action i.e. thinking over the consequences of events (Finlay, 2008, p.3). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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wklein added comment 1 year ago
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The topic of "Reflective Report" is quite often seen among the tasks in college. Still, this text opens a fresh perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own essay.

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