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Management in context - Essay Example

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In some organizations, employees are compelled to join unions while in some they can choose to join or not to join.
People join trade unions so that they can…
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Management in context
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MANAGEMENT IN CONTEXT By of the of the School MANAGEMENT IN CONTEXT Can anyone join a union?
According to the article, those who can join unions are employees in either the private sector or the public sector. In some organizations, employees are compelled to join unions while in some they can choose to join or not to join.
2. What words do you associate with trade unions?
The words commonly associated with trade unions include strikes, go-slows and industrial actions.
3. Why do people join trade unions?
People join trade unions so that they can have a collective bargaining power for their rights as well as demands from their employees. It therefore acts as the common voice for airing the views of the employees.
4. What is the difference between trade union membership and trade union density? Why do you think that trade union density differ from geographical areas?
Trade union membership refers to the total numbers of employees who belong to a particular trade union while trade union density is an expression of the proportion of eligible workforce which can be used as an indicator of the degree to which workers or employees are organized. Trade union density differ from geographical areas by the fact that it lays emphasis on level of organization of workers and not how they are distributed all over the world.
5. Why do you think that trade union density has increased among female workers?
Female are more likely to join trade unions because they have unique challenges that need to be address contrary to those facing the male employees. Such include maternity offs. Therefore they need such issue to be handled generally by trade unions.
6. What impact can the government have on the levels of unionization and trade union activity?
The government is in a position to regulate the number as well as the activities of trade union through set regulations and rules.
7. What differences do you under stand between union strategies of servicing and organizing?
In servicing strategy, the members are like third parties to the trade union and they do not play active roles in them while in organizing strategy, the members are the union themselves by playing a very active role in it.
8. Why might the media give trade unions bad press?
The media may portray the trade unions in bad faith by reporting negatively their actions such as strikes and other industrial actions.
9. Does Nita Clarke (2013) demonstrate a unitarist, pluralist or radical approach?
She demonstrates a unitarist through her statement which seems to support the views of the employees.
10. Why are employees of the public sector organizations more likely to engage in industrial actions?
Public sector employees are more likely to engage in industrial actions because they enjoy a lot of job security compared to those in the private sector. They are not under any risk of job loss even when they go on strike or other industrial actions.
11. Will a recession encourage or discourage union membership?
Recession will encourage union membership due to the financial uncertainty that it cause. Employees will join unions so that their interests can be protected by the unions.
BIS(2013) Trade UnionMembership 2012. Department for Business Innovation and Skills, National Statisitcs Publication, London. [pp 5-17] Read More
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Management in Context Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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