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Safety class - Assignment Example

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Training need is a gap identified within an organization (Dierdorff and Surface 48). In identifying employees, the training needs knowledge skills and behaviors are used. Training of employees adequately at work is one of…
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Safety class
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Extract of sample "Safety class"

Introduction Training is the act of helping people to learn how to do. Training need is a gap identified within an organization (Dierdorff and Surface 48). In identifying employees, the training needs knowledge skills and behaviors are used. Training of employees adequately at work is one of the most fundamental requirements of health and safety at work that helps to prevent injuries and illness in workplaces. Effective health and safety management process help to establish safe working conditions in an organization (Brown 578).
Health and safety training needs
The greatest asset an organization can poses are the employees; they help meet the business objectives. Insufficient training has contributed to accidents. By maintaining the safe and healthy needs of the employees in a workplace, it leads to achievement of both the moral and legal obligation of the organization. Investing in excellent training of the employees is effective as it increases skills, knowledge and productivity as well as morale at the workplace (Clapper and Kong 373).
In identifying the health and training needs, first is to identify the skills and knowledge needed for people to do their job in safe and healthy way then compared to current skills and knowledge hence helping in identifying the gaps. Risk assessment help in identify factors controlling the risks and previous experiences. Consider awareness-training needs for everyone in the organization on how to manage health and safety; who is responsible for what; how to identify hazards and "evaluate risks and the hazards encountered and measures for controlling them" (Brown 578).
Formulation of occupational safety and health policies is a priority of every organization during operational activities. These policies form the backbone of effective organization management for better performance (Aguinis and Kraiger 474). The organization then formulates a plan to fulfill its safety, an effective management structure and arrangements should be in place for delivering the policy. Targets in meeting the safety and health objectives for all managers and employees should be set (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, n.d)
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Safety Class Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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