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Purposes of GSA Schedules - Essay Example

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The paper 'Purposes of GSA Schedules' presents one of the major purposes which is to assist the contractors to engage wide contracts that are long-term in nature. In this way, business owners and contractors are able to effectively sell their products and services to the federal government…
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Purposes of GSA Schedules
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Extract of sample "Purposes of GSA Schedules"

A good example of an aspect that has been developed for vendors by GSA is the Vendor Toolbox. This entails a collection of resources that assist the vendors in deciding whether having a GSA Schedule is their priority (Stanberry, 2012). A Vendor Toolbox is made up of three major steps. These include research, analyze and decide.
One of the notable methods that I would use to market my products or services to the US government is through the internet. In its effort to ensure effective communication and coordination among its agencies, the US government has ensured that every federal agency has a website. Thus, as the owner of a small business, I should as a first step to visit such websites. In this way, I will become aware of the services that are demanded by the agencies. Through the use of FedBizOpps, I will be in a position to identify the federal procurements that are available. My preference for websites and FedBizOpps is based on the fact that each business day, large numbers of notices are posted on the agencies websites. Read More
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(Purposes of GSA Schedules Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 305 Words)
Purposes of GSA Schedules Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 305 Words.
“Purposes of GSA Schedules Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 305 Words”, n.d.
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