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The Effects of Economic Growth on Olympic Performance - Research Proposal Example

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Olympic performance is the dependent variable that will guide the direction and substance of the study. The research question for this study is: What is the effect of economic growth on…
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The Effects of Economic Growth on Olympic Performance
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Economic Growth on Olympic Performance"

Download file to see previous pages ent variable, Olympic performance will be considered in totality with regard to all the various factors that work together to affect the nature of the performance in a positive or negative way.
The research question adopted for this study is important in three main perspectives. First, the question is designed to highlight the inherent challenges in Olympic performance as understood from the perspective of economic influences. It will help to enhance the understanding of any imbalances, advantages, and any other factors that promote or detract from the fairness and competitive nature of sports. This is a correlation study that seeks to establish the link between dynamics of economic growth and performance in Olympics. The aspect of economic growth shall be considered from the level of the participating countries. As such, the research question could provide a resourceful guide on the patterns of performance between the poor countries and the rich countries in line with past and recent studies that cited disparities in economic progress as the guiding factor towards the usual outcomes.
Past empirical studies have shown that the performance in Olympics is significantly dependent on the level of economic development (Bian, 2004; Bhattacharya, 2006). Correlation research findings have indicated that the level of performance is significantly related to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the participating countries (Nielsen, 2013). Precisely, countries with low GDP measures tend to show poor performance in athletics as compared to countries with relatively higher GDP values. The general thinking is that economic power provides the developed world with a higher advantage than the struggling economies. Rich countries invest larger sums of money into the development of sports infrastructure as compared to the poor countries. According to some studies, the difference in the level of investment is the baseline factor that creates the variations in performance (Kothari, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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