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Johnny cupcakes entrepreneur - Essay Example

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But all that is really needed to make a difference and bring about a change is our efforts individually on a day to day to basis that can bring us closer to our reams. One such individual who was able to make the…
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Johnny cupcakes entrepreneur
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Extract of sample "Johnny cupcakes entrepreneur"

Its takes a lot more then what we got to achieve what we want. But all that is really needed to make a difference and bring about a change is our efforts individually on a day to day to basis that can bring us closer to our reams. One such individual who was able to make the most out of what he had, and become an inspiration for what thousands of youth across America and beyond is the founder of Johnny Cupcakes – Johnny Earle.
The brand originated as a result of Earle’s obsession and passion to create, innovate and bring out something from simple design and creativity. Having never attended any school or classes for Marketing, graphics or design and art, the brand was a result of hard work and innovations. Having been nick named as Johnny cupcake, Johnny come late and Johnny cheesecakes when he worked for a company in Massachusetts. It was the t- shirts he designed with the crossbones and a skull silhouette that made him famous. The actual creativity came in when Johnny replaced the skull with the cupcake had that made his motif on the shirts so intriguing to people. The shirts came in demand when co workers and colleagues questioned him each time he wore them. This originally started in 2001.
From his interviews to High school students, lectures to numerous colleges and his tours to institutes like MassArt and cities across America,w e find out that he started young , passionate and obsessed with the idea to bring out something new and fun filled. His vision to be unique and different from other top clothing brands in America is seen in his bakery themed shops and flagship boutiques in Massachusetts. And his desire to attract his customers, like children were fantasized by Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is what sets him and his journey apart from other entrepreneurs in America.
According to Earle, he would have made a lot of money had he started young when he was in school just from the essential and golden guidance from his teachers and instructors but that was not the case. Earle also admits that he can save a lot of money by not insisting on having his shops and outlets of Johnny Cupcakes be inspired by bakery items, colors, scents and designs. However, Earle focuses on his goal of providing a unique experience to his customers, mostly kids and the youth. For Earle, it is essential to do what one loves and not worry about making one. The true spirit of work is when one can do what most affectionately inspires and attracts them. For Johnny Earle, dreams become reality when individuals venture down the road to make most out of the artist and the “child” in them. For Earle believes, everyone has it in them to stand out and become different, inspiring and distinctive.
From his talks and meetings with thousands of fans across universities and schools in America, Johnny emphasizes that to become successful, one must excel in the passion of loving what one does.
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