Johnny did/did not deserve to get shot - Assignment Example

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His auntie laments a lot of the incident that befell her nephew. The state in agonizing but worse still is the fact that the killer is known. Moreover, the justice institution of the nation…
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Johnny did/did not deserve to get shot
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Insert Johnny did not deserve to be shot Johnny is a seventeen-year-old boy who was shot by a known person for no apparent reason. His auntie laments a lot of the incident that befell her nephew. The state in agonizing but worse still is the fact that the killer is known. Moreover, the justice institution of the nation was not of help. The political class is possibly the source of the spread of crime in the nation. The victim’s auntie keeps reading newspapers with hope that a new wave will raise to rule the nation justly (Dickerson 1).
As the story unfolds, and the victims bear witness, Johnny is innocent. He was no participant in drugs or of bad behavior nor accompanied by rogue citizens. In addition, Johnny is a young man yet to reach climax of his life. Rule of law in a society is to draw the line existing between bad and good deeds towards its citizen (Dickerson 2). The activity Johnny was engaging in with friends was of no violence proving his innocence.
Johnny did not deserve to die because the cause of his death should have been alleviated long time ago. Johnny Auntie says, “We already knew him." The murderer has lived with them all along raising many questions about his continued existence amid bad character he portrayed. He had ones impregnated Johnny auntie at the age of seventeen and claimed innocently (Dickerson 3). Looking at the case from all perspectives shows that the killer should have been jailed many years ago.
Johnny’s auntie is a political pro citizen who seeks to understand how the system works. The law enforcement framework is a sham and drives justice down the drain. It is painful to acknowledge that the absence of such systems in the government that led to the death Johnny. The presence and implementation of Justice and political responsibility would effortlessly have averted the shot at Johnny (Dickerson 3).
Johnny is suffering; the Auntie is suffering, and the mother is suffering. If this reason is not enough for Johnnys normal life back then, the entire family is guilty of Johnnys suffering. The Auntie spends the day with Johnny while his mother spends the night with him. The physical pain Johnny goes through is of equal measure the psychological torture the family is going through (Dickerson 2). Johnny’s Auntie has a vast knowledge on politics. In addition, she has pursued the same in graduate school. She is in a better scope of life to influence the course of action of the neighborhood they live. That course of action would have helped not only them but also the entire society.
I sincerely believe Johnny never deserved the brutality of a gun through his spine. They were all responsible for him and his suffering. What makes the worst scenario is that the situation affects them all now. It comes as a wake-up call to the nation state of crime, justice from the responsible department and the role of politicians in averting such vices (Dickerson 4). Johnny’s shooter walks free as he has always done over the time as the neighborhood watched. Corporate social responsibility calls from action from all citizens because Johnny did not deserve a shot.
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Dickerson, Debra. "Who shot Johnny." 2012. Whot shot Johnny. 22 SEP 2014 . Read More
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