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Film, Culture and Society - Movie Review Example

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The essay will examine Gledhill's argument. He believes that actors' off-screen lifestyles and characters must meet or supersede their roles in film in order to become stars. This argument will be related to Johnny Depp who is no doubt one of the most celebrated actors of the twenty first century.
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Film, Culture and Society
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Download file to see previous pages (Sklar, 1994) Perhaps the reason why Depp has attracted a lot of attention outside his film could be because of his charming personality. He reports to interviews with a cigar in hand and then says hallo to all the members surrounding of the camera crew. Additionally, the actor is quite comfortable with his own personality because he is not afraid of experimenting with fashion. The actor can wear boots that were synonymous with the nineteen eighties and still hold his head high. Depp tops this up with his good looks and makes many Hollywood enthusiasts interested in his escapades. Besides these, Depp is quite enterprising; he owns a club called Viper Room in the heart off Hollywood. But then again, the tabloids reported that this place has more drugs than soda.
Speaking of escapades, Depp has had his share of dramatic scenes in his personal life. He was reported by some newspaper reporters that he had trashed hotel. As if this is not enough he has had some drug addiction issues in the past but this does not stop the public from loosing interest in his new developments. Maybe it is these negative remarks that keep the public anxious. (Shatz, 2002)
Fellow actors such as Penelope Cruz have asserted that Depp is quite a humorous man. He is indeed natural and charismatic at the same time. They claim that this is the most outstanding feature about him and this could also be the reason why he has been in and out of relationships.
Johnny Depp's' films
Johnny Depp has contributed to the film industry in his own unique way. However, some critics argue that he is not an actor worth his salt. This can be attributed to some of the headless horsemen movies he has done in the past. These movies undermined the strength of Depp's acting abilities.
However, these arguments pale when one examines other films done by Depp. For instance the films; 'Before Night Falls' and 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' did very well in the box office. The one thing they both had in common was the fact that Johnny Depp was the main character. He seems to have an ability to carry heavy roles with the depth they deserve. Taking an example of the movie 'Blow'; Depp plays the role of a tough, fearless and tragic drug dealer. Depp was chosen for this role because he has the capacity to bring out the negative aspects in the lead role. On the other hand, this does not undermine the fact that he still displays the tragic end to the movie with the compassion and dignity it deserves. Depp chooses his film roles carefully as most of them depict central characters.
Johnny Depp is a charismatic, humorous and striking person in real life. This larger-than-life off -screen character has influenced the level of success and hence his stardom. (Neve, 1992) The issues going on behind the camera have adversely affected the roles played in front of the camera in terms of the offers presented to Depp. After assessing Depp's life; controversy is indeed a marketing tool in Hollywood as Depp only became truly famous after people started following up his private life.
Success of Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge as a postmodernist film
The essay will examine the extent to which Baz Luhrmann's the Moulin Rouge film has depicted postmodernism with a specific focus on Parody /pastiche.
The film's main theme serves as a template for the expression of parody. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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