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Entrepreneurial Management and Leadership - Assignment Example

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The United Food Industries Corporation is a global company under Lactalis Group. UFIC is a Limited Liability Company formed in 1984 (“” 1). The company focuses on…
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Entrepreneurial Management and Leadership
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Extract of sample "Entrepreneurial Management and Leadership"

Evaluation of Organizational Setting Assessment This paper addresses a company in Saudi Arabia called United Food Industries Corporation UFIC. The United Food Industries Corporation is a global company under Lactalis Group. UFIC is a Limited Liability Company formed in 1984 (“” 1). The company focuses on manufacturing premier Biscuits, Confectionery, and Snacks in Saudi Arabia and in the entire Middle East (“” 1). The elite group of Saudi businesses & Businessmen own the company (“” 1). In assessing organization environment and assessment, I will address HR, strategy, structure, and culture and assess how these factors have enhanced or prevented corporate entrepreneurial activities. We can promote corporate entrepreneurship through human resource management practices, which establish relationships among employees, promotes risk acceptance, nurtures informal entrepreneurial behaviors, and matches individual employees to the job situation (ORourke 1). Additionally, strategy can also enhance corporate entrepreneurial activities by addressing all dynamics that may hinder the success of corporate entrepreneurial activities. Moreover, structure and culture can prevent corporate entrepreneurial activities by creating cultural differences and organizational differences in corporate entrepreneurial activities.
The United Food Industries Corporation addresses entrepreneurship by having a vision statement, which seeks to make UFIC one of the leading Arab and International companies in the manufacturing and marketing of food products (“Deemah” 1). Moreover, the company has a research and development department, which limits the company’s operations to advancements in design, products, and style. Indeed, the company seeks to improve existing food products, and to assess new ways of producing the food products. Indeed, the company produces and markets high quality products with competitive prices to satisfy customers’ needs and trust on UFIC products (“Deemah” 1). Notably, the United Food Industries Corporation corporate strategy is open to ideas generated from different units that are not part of the corporate strategy.
Corporate entrepreneurial intensity relates to how entrepreneurship varies by degree and frequency, and how this variance affects the personal well-being and corporate performance. UFIC has recorded major expansion in manufacturing a processed cheese line and a vital processing and packaging dimension to the operation (“United Group Logistics Center” 1). Specifically, UFIC took in Lactalis as a major partner, which expanded UFIC’s operations to the international market (“United Group Logistics Center” 1). As a result, UFIC has five biscuit lines, two wafer lines, and increased production capacity (“” 1). There are different forms of corporate entrepreneurship used currently and in the past where the most common form exists within the research and development (R&D) department. Other forms include external corporate venturing, internal corporate venturing, new venture divisions, corporate entrepreneurship programs, domain redefinition, business model reconstruction, strategic renewal, informal CE teams, and skunk works (“EURAM” 2).
In assessing the dimension of management, it is clear that the trustee has an urge utilize the resources in an efficient manner while the promoter relies on the perception of opportunity. Notably, the need to maintain the continued patronage of the ever-growing number of customers to UFI products prompts the company to enhance consistent production of high quality products while maintaining very affordable consumer prices (“Deemah” 1). Moreover, the growing demand for UFI products prompted the management to expand the production capacity of the company (“” 1). UFI abhors Corporate Venturing entrepreneurship by taking in Lactalis as a majority partner, which brought an international and influential feature to the Group. Moreover, the company abhors the new Strategic Entrepreneurship where the company engages in seeking new opportunities and competitive advantage in the market, which creates a superior company performance.
Ideally, the roles of middle managers include coaching stewardship, strategic building, delineating, organizational championing, and negotiating. In the case of UFIC, the predominant roles of middle managers in the company include negotiating and strategic building. Notably, the company integrates entrepreneurship with strategy. While corporate venturing involves taking in a smaller company by a larger company for purposes of gaining innovation advantages, business strategy involves the concept of achieving the company’s goals and the allocation of resources. Using the Entrepreneurial Mindset Framework to address the current entrepreneurial mindset, we can establish that UFIC believes that the perceived capability to achieve is possible through innovation.
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