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Maintenance Resource Management - Assignment Example

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The assignment "Maintenance Resource Management" states that Human factors refer to the multidisciplinary endeavor to produce and assemble information concerning human abilities and limitations and apply the information to equipment, software, environments. …
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Maintenance Resource Management
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Extract of sample "Maintenance Resource Management"

These documents are necessary for the assessment team when carrying out the evaluation. Guidelines should be well written to ensure proper accurate adherence of the procedure
c). Airline procedure and work areas
The check-in process is the first procedure for any passenger arriving at an airport. It is normally as per the scheduled time lines. The airline handles the check-in process. The check-in spans differ for different airline and respective destinations. The duration spans range from 15 minutes-4 hours.
d). Mechanic training and performance.
Mechanic training and performance refers to the technical courses offered to aircraft technicians in a bid to improve their performance in aircraft mechanical and technical work in the aviation industry.
3). How do human factors and systems engineering interrelate?
Human factors relate with the systems engineering in numerous ways, which include facilitating the technology to function and attain the set objectives. Without human factors, the systems engineering will not be functional. However, the human factors have been associated with human error, which has contributed to the numerous aircraft accidents and mishaps.
1. Overarching guidance on the thematic topics
2. Ensuring correct use of patterns (instrumental in HIG)
3. Ensure proper guidance on interface elements.
5), what is meant by the term? and how it may affect the job? and away from lessening its impact on your work? for all the terms?
This refers to the state of anxiety that engulfs an individual due to a certain occurrence or situation. It can affect the productivity of an individual in a negative manner. It can be lessened by relaxation.
b) Communication, this refers to the interaction process amongst individuals. Positive communication increases productivity.
c) Fatigue, this refers to the subjective feeling of exhaustion. It affects an individual’s productivity. An individual suffering from fatigue is always advised to have bed rest.
d).complacency. This refers to self-satisfaction or appearing unconcerned. This reduces the productivity of an individual. It is advisable for complacent individuals to adhere to the goals of the company to avoid self-satisfaction and embrace the company’s satisfaction.
e) Distraction. This is referred to as disturbance. It reduces an individual’s productivity f) pressure. This is an undue force to work. This may lead to poor results. Unnecessary pressure should be avoided to increase productivity.
g) Lack of resources: This refers to the inadequacy of working materials and this can compromise the quality of the product. Adequate resources to be provided to ensure quality and sufficient production.
h) Norms. This refers to a set of customs. They are always diverse from one company to another. Positive norms are fundamental in quality and adequate production. Read More
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(Maintenance Resource Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 585 Words)
Maintenance Resource Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 585 Words.
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