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Article two - Essay Example

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This comes with social responsibility which is the society’s expectation that the business will make social interest a key goal in conducting business. The responsiveness of the firms to its stakeholders became an…
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Article two
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Extract of sample "Article two"

Social responsibility The primary goal of any business unit is to make profits. This comes with social responsibility which isthe society’s expectation that the business will make social interest a key goal in conducting business. The responsiveness of the firms to its stakeholders became an internationally accepted norm in the 21st century. Social responsibility has become a strategic issue that has to be considered when planning for the firms.
Firms that take an active role in promoting social responsibility are viewed more favorably compared to those that don’t. It is important for a company to go beyond making profits and products. Engaging in corporate responsibility gives the company a better image and consumers will want to engage more in the products being offered ( Crane, 21).
Social responsibility can take different forms, the most popular being committing funds or resources for important social aspects. An example is donating money towards funding a facility for the blind. Another form of social responsibility is producing goods and services that are in the best interest of the whole community such as environmental friendly products or use of safe manufacturing materials. According to (Crane, 79) the best form of corporate social responsibility should integrate the two forms mentioned above. Produce environmental friendly products and funding charitable activities.
Conclusively, the benefits of social responsibility include easy government relations. Companies have a more positive outlook if they take social responsibility seriously. No problems or campaigns will be launched against such companies. It also benefits the public relations by shaping consumer image and acting as a branding tool. Last it provides a positive environment in the working place. The employees are more productive knowing that they are engaging with a company that cares about the society (crane, 98).
Work Cited
Crane, Andrew. The Oxford handbook of corporate social responsibility. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. Print. Read More
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Article Two Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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