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MediSys_Case_Assignment - Case Study Example

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Computer and technical engineers are responsible for designing the mechanical and digital workability of the IntensCare product. This will ensure the product meets the quality standards required by consumers.
3. Financial resources are also necessary for development of…
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Extract of sample "MediSys_Case_Assignment"

Question 4 4.a The members of the IntensCare team constitute the primary resources for bringing the product to the market because they provide the technical expertise required for IntensCare product development.
2. Computer and technical engineers are responsible for designing the mechanical and digital workability of the IntensCare product. This will ensure the product meets the quality standards required by consumers.
3. Financial resources are also necessary for development of IntensCare product. The initial capital investments required amounts to $500,000; this is a common pool since all departments have access to a portion of the capital (Donnellon and Margolis 3).
4. Public resources are also critical in this project because Research and Development team will seek public views and opinions of demanders of the product.
5. Toll resources comprise of teamwork benefits, that is, the improvements in product development arising from working in teams and groups.
6. Common pool resources are that consist of natural and human resource system that provide a limited rights to use. Common resources include public resources required by IntensCare team, but are prone exhaustion.
4. b)
1. The senior production manager has the rights of ownership of the product plan and specifications.
2. The marketing manager has property rights regarding the marketing plans, budgets, and methods of marketing.
3. The president of the company has the rights of accessing all the information regarding the product being developed. The president can withdraw resources and exclude parts of the product that they consider unsuitable.
1. Research and development staff should be given rights of accessing the company’s strategic plans for them to devote the relevant efforts to market research.
2. Technical engineers need the right to access the books of accounts so that they can know the budget limits for their operations.
1. The general information required by IntensCare team includes market response, competition, management inputs and projected revenues from the product.
2. The technical information includes workability of the IntensCare product, material inputs and testing results.
Question 5
The people who have crucial information include the marketing manager, Research and Development team, business analysts, senior production manager, and software engineers.
1. The marketing team needs the information about market response and competition for them to plan the best marketing strategies.
2. The president needs management inputs and projected revenues from the product to enable him direct the organizational activities towards the activities for meeting the inputs and projected incomes.
3. Senior production manager and software engineers need to access information about technical workability of IntensCare product for them to focus on all details and quality.
Question 6
6.a) All members of the organization have chances of contributing towards decision making. The president recognizes that all members of the organization have chances to contribute towards decision-making and parallel development environment (Donnellon and Margolis 3).
6.b) The incentives that are required to develop IntensCare include collaborations, strict regulations, and control of IntensCare team and proper allocation of both financial and human resources.
6.c) Presently, monitoring measuring procedures the company uses to measure productivity include control charts, pareto analysis, check sheets and stratification.
6.d) The current organizational architecture contributes to the current problems because it allows excessive freedom for bragging, which causes hatred, confusions and disagreements among team members.
Question 7
i). Valerie Merz- She is the marketing manager for IntensCare product. The leadership style for Valerie is democratic because she prefers teamwork for success.
ii). Jack Fogel- Jack is the senior production manager. Fogel is dictatorial; he did not want Merz to question on the progress of het product.
iii) Art Beaumont-He is the president and adopts a bureaucratic leadership style evidenced by the way he functionally organized the company when he was hired. He said that the management style of the company had become more of a command and control and emphasize on technical excellence (Donnellon and Margolis 3)
iv) Aaron Garson-He is teamwork oriented and democratic. When he had an idea about patient monitoring system, he invited his friend Peter Fisher in the sales department and the two invited another friend from the software design.
v) Bret O’Brien-He is democratic. He emailed other team members when he sensed a problem with fitting data displays and battery units into the customer size specs marketing provided (Donnellon and Margolis 4).
Work Cited
Donnellon, Anne, and Joshua Margolis (2009). “MediSys Corporation: The IntensCare Product Development Team.” Harvard Business School.(2009): 1-10. Print. Read More
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MediSys_Case_Assignment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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