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Software and Data Sharing - Essay Example

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Alteration of the nomenclature performs consistently with the goals of the organization. It is vital that each individual get adequate knowledge on this concept prior to moving to ERP. This…
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Software and Data Sharing
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Software and Data Sharing How to standardize service nomenclature, to achieve a level of ease with implementing enterprise wide software
Service nomenclature ought to be alterable through the use of enterprise wide software. Alteration of the nomenclature performs consistently with the goals of the organization. It is vital that each individual get adequate knowledge on this concept prior to moving to ERP. This can be achieved by making everyone to appreciate the system with the reason that it is their data that matters most. When this is done, the public is encouraged to value the process in getting awareness on the ways in which the data benefits them. Workers in the health sector should be more aware than the rest of the population to reduce any doubts about particular changes (Tan & Payton (Eds), 2010).
According to Tan & Payton (Eds), data sharing is different in CHIN models from Mayo clinic because CHIN uses data sharing and health IT innovations to improve partnerships between clinicians, public health leaders, policy makers, and informatics experts. CHIN community partners gain from the shared data such as centralized data warehouse a connected electronic health record. Contrary to this, Mayo clinic shares its data through creating software, tools, and services for large scale health records.
The risk of a Community Health Information Network (CHIN) is that membership in it, if not controlled can lead to greater risks associated with the law. The benefits include facilitation of care, lower cost of care, and knowledgeable choice to the patients. The providers on the other hand reduce segregation of rural physicians, mange complete cost of therapy, and develop a competitive market advantage.
Tan, J., & Payton, F. (Eds.). (2010). Adaptive Health Management Information Systems: Concepts, Cases, & Practical Applications. Jones & Bartlett Learning. Read More
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