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Malicious softwares - Essay Example

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In the paper “Malicious softwares” the author analyzes various classes of malware programs, along with their effects to the computer system and system users. A virus is a malware program that has the ability to propagate itself into more copies and end up being a part of another program in the computer…
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Malicious softwares
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Download file to see previous pages These malware programs tend to infect systems and bundle other programs by attaching themselves as macros to computer files. These malware programs are also installed through the exploitation of a vulnerable spot in an operating system, a network spot, or even a hole that is existent in a browser. For these programs to cause harm to the computer, they have to multiply; which is a basic characteristic for them. Worms and viruses have the ability to alter the normal operation of an operating system; inflicting various kernel-level items (Christodorescu et al. 2007). These kernel items carry specific information with them that act as an indicator to existence of malware programs in the computer. As these malwares attach themselves to the computer, they tend to interact with various programs and increase their level of sophistication in order to combat anti-malware solutions.
Some types of viruses enter into the user computer systems through the email systems as well as the address books. These viruses present themselves in a manner to suggest their validity and objectivity from coming from a trusted host source. The execution of the host code supplements the execution of the viral code. The virus program is then able to destroy the host program and attach itself into the computer. However, not all viruses have the ability to overwrite other programs especially with their replicate copies (Gragido 2013). Some only infect the boot sector and move the data in the selected boot sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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