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Managment Class and Self-Awareness for Team Membership - Case Study Example

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There are five major dimensions of EQ testing. Firstly, knowing and managing your emotions is a key criterion for a strong emotional quotient. Apparently, Carver and Mia both are strong in this area as they are well-versed with their current emotional state with reference to issues and conditions faced by them…
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Managment Class and Self-Awareness for Team Membership
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Extract of sample "Managment Class and Self-Awareness for Team Membership"

Case Study Analysis
There are five major dimensions of EQ testing. Firstly, knowing and managing your emotions is a key criterion for a strong emotional quotient. Apparently, Carver and Mia both are strong in this area as they are well-versed with their current emotional state with reference to issues and conditions faced by them. Where Carver admits that he is a Type-A personality and also defends his personality type with the results that he has delivered, Mia’s approach is more subtle and she is able to step aside from the situation faced by her. In terms of motivating one’s self, interpersonal communication and relationship management, Mia is a stronger than Carver since Carver finds it difficult to delegate and embrace ideas given others. On the other Mia is willing to analyze other’s work and only bring out the change by taking corrective measures if necessary.
1. Carver is more inclined towards lower wanted control (wC) and high expressed control score in FIRO-B analysis. Also, he likes to take control and finds delegation difficult with being very competitive as well. He is a loner who likes to rebel from the controls imposed on him whereas Mia has high expressed and wanted control which makes her like structures and procedures while recognizing authorities of others.
Craver further has a higher internal locus of control and perceives high activity as a precursor for success (Mindtools, 2013b). A simple example can be his argument with his boss in which he believes that he single handedly increased company’s sales and only same approach can produce results. He is highly achievement-oriented along with being arrogant and a strong want to control everything. Mia has a moderate locus of control which makes her a believer of personal skills and influence of external environment. She believed that corrective measures needed to be taken in Chinese franchise should include standardization as well localization and in order to convince her Chinese manager, she travelled to China herself instead of maintaining a virtual communication.
When analyzed about tolerance of ambiguity, Carver shows complexity out of other dimensions (Tyran, n.d). He undertook several projects that required fast and quality results and presented better product like than his competitors. Mia on the other hand, shows novelty on the scale of tolerance of ambiguity. She lacked international exposure however while meeting her manager in China, she had a certain comfort level with the situation in hand. After comparing Carver and Mia’s personalities on the scale of MBTI testing, it is evident that Carver is a Mastermind (INTJ) who is introverted, logical and highly attentive towards details whereas Mia is a Supervisor (ESTJ) which makes her a strong believer in rules along with having preference for tried methods (Myers et al., 1998). While attempting to solve issues faced by Chinese franchise, she carefully examined the work structure of other international fast foods chains before talking to her manager. Furthermore, she likes defined processes which made it important for her to have uniform ambience in Chinese franchises as well.
2. Carver perceives his base of power to his expertise in his field of work however it has taken more coercive outlook (Mindtools, 2013). Mia, on the other hand is using legitimate power base to get involved in the operations of Chinese franchise.
3. Carver’s leadership style is highly authoritative. He finds input of his team to irrelevant or inadequate and does not participate in team work. Carver’s approach is not suitable in the given situation as his team is getting less motivated due to lack of recognition and impersonal approach of their leader. Due to his approach, key players of the departments are willing to resign and he still believes that he can single-handed replace them all.
Mia is a democratic leader and she only intervenes when she senses a need to do so while recognizing strengths of her manager in China in front of board of directors. For example, she only took part in management of Chinese franchise when she saw financial statements not complying with standard US standards and franchise opting for major localization regime.
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