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Ethics in Organization, Reflection assignment based on short article - Essay Example

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Christian leaders have taught me the value of doing what is right in every situation and regardless of the perspective of others; I need…
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Ethics in Organization, Reflection assignment based on short article
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Extract of sample "Ethics in Organization, Reflection assignment based on short article"

Ethics in Organization Answer: Question a) When the blizzard strikes, the only thing that serves as a rope to guide me back to the track of justice and wholeness is my Christian faith. Christian leaders have taught me the value of doing what is right in every situation and regardless of the perspective of others; I need to know that I should be accountable for all I do. I turn to my priest to guide me on the way I can go over blizzard and remain a person committed to what is right.
Answer: Question 1(b)
Two values have guided my life whenever I am in a blizzard of injustice, carelessness or violation and these are integrity and openness. The value of integrity helps me to discover that I have a self-accountability for the things I do and it stimulates my thinking in being a good person to everyone. It reminds me that I should be responsible for all the things that I do and the value of openness helps me to share what I do and I believe so that I may be responsible in my life. Through it, I am able to make clear all the things that I do in my life and what others can see.
Answer: Question 2
According to Palmer (2004), there is a clear difference between wholeness or undivided life and perfection. While perfection means strict adherence to the set out rules without failure, wholeness means that there could be failure in a person but embracing them and using them to learn what a person can do in future is what should be the most important. According to Palmer (2004), perfection implies elimination of all mistakes but wholeness implies their presence but with a way of learning from them. Perfection may not be a reasonable goal and people should aspire to attain wholeness, which would imply having a clear conscious in doing all things.
Answer: Question 3
In my life, I have some things that make it difficult to live a “whole” life. These factors include the corporate culture; economic factors that emphasize on making maximum profit in any venture and weaknesses in the legal system that have little to offer for the people who commit crimes. Some others factors in my life make me not to bring my inner truth to the outer world and these may include the fear of opposition and challenge, the penalties for falling short of the requirement and I am protective of the status people that people have given me in society.
Answer: Question 4
One factor in my life with which I need deal is fear of opposition and challenge in leading a life of integrity and wholeness. I can deal with it through accepting that I am not perfect and that I can make mistakes. The other thing I can do is to be mindful of what I do as a person even when I am alone. I should be ready to hear the perspectives of others in what I do and allow them to correct me. I need to be ready to explain whatever I do regardless of the context.
Palmer, P. (2004). A hidden Wholeness Read More
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