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Discussion Boar - Essay Example

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The essay entitled "Discussion Boar " states that counseling based group works are dynamic processes initiated to accomplish specific tasks within a particular period. In counseling group works, the leaders have the mandate to select appropriate activities…
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Discussion Boar
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Extract of sample "Discussion Boar"

However, group leaders need to demonstrate caution and avoid selecting exercises that can infringe on any member. Properly chosen exercises can make proper and appropriate techniques to help drive a counseling group work towards achieving its desired goals and objectives (Haley, Morina & Brown, 1998). Careless structuring of the exercises can turn to be detrimental to the group’s efforts to achieve the set objectives and desired change.
Corey’s counseling group is an example of group work that employed structured exercises selected in a careful manner and guided by easy laws. This means that the exercises were optional and members could engage or perform any exercise deemed to be in line with the members’ beliefs and diversity. Employing more exercises in Corey’s counseling group could lead to particular challenges and inconveniences. Since the group included people from diverse backgrounds, it was easier for the group to appear as breaching beliefs and certain innate differences. More exercise could have worked to expose certain inefficient characters of the members, which they would want to conceal. This would mean underachievement and dissatisfaction of the members with the progress made by the group at the end of its session (Corey, Corey & Corey, 2006).
Corey’s counseling seems to have avoided more exercises for fear of breaching principles of diversity that would happen if the exercises demanded exposure of secret information of the members. From the guideline, it is important for the group leaders to perform thorough screening during the recruitment and initial stage of the group. This can help identify and obtain adequate information on the likes and dislike of the members (Haley, Brown & Morina, 1998). Read More
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(Discussion Boar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 404 Words)
Discussion Boar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 404 Words.
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