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Tampering Persons Essential Strengths - Assignment Example

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This paper "Tampering Person’s Essential Strengths" focuses on the fact that the given questionnaire indeed happened to be thought-provoking and insightful. It enhanced one's awareness regarding one's strengths and weaknesses and the areas of persona and character. …
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Tampering Persons Essential Strengths
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Extract of sample "Tampering Persons Essential Strengths"

of the Management of the Concerned 9 September Assignment Inner Work Standards- S 2. Initiative- G 3. Cognitive Intelligence- G
4. Tolerance of Uncertainty- W
5. Social Objectivity- S
6. Social Intelligence- U
7. Emotional Intelligence- G
8. Stamina- G
9. Resistance to Stress- W
10. Adaptability- U
11. Self Confidence- W
12. Self Objectivity- S
13. Impression Management- U
14. Introspection- G
Discussion Paragraph
The given questionnaire indeed happened to be thought provoking and insightful. It enhanced my awareness regarding my strengths and weaknesses and the areas of my persona and character where I happened to be weak or was unsure about. Above all it helped me identify my strengths which acted as a motivation to work on my foibles. My biggest strength happens to be my strong inner work standards, which continually gaud me to achieve the best of my potential. I do have the innate capacity to seize initiative and the cognitive ability to systematically and logically evaluate and work out situations. I am emotionally quiet a stable person, yet I need to work more on this side of my makeup. I have the innate strength and stamina to engage persistently till I achieve the desired objective. However, one thing that I realized I am weak at is that I am not able to cope up well with situations involving high uncertainty. Also, I was not aware that though I socially happened to be an unbiased and unprejudiced person, still, I am mostly uncertain as to what others need to expect of or desire from me. I am also not apt at stress management and dealing with stressful situations. I am also not sure as to my capacity to adapt to change, which I need to really sort out urgently. These weaknesses and uncertainties do take a toll of my self confidence. Yet, the saving grace is that I am an inherently objective and introspective person, who can diligently work on my personality to dilute my weaknesses and uncertainties and to tamper my essential strengths. Read More
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Answer Those Question and in the End Write a Discussion Paragraph Assignment.
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