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Are women treated fairly in the workplace - Essay Example

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Gender biasness has remained an issue in all fields. In some fields the male counterparts feel that the female are being preferred over them and in some conditions it is vice…
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Are women treated fairly in the workplace
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Extract of sample "Are women treated fairly in the workplace"

Are Women Treated Fairly In The workplace? Are women treated fairly in the workplace? Gender discrimination has always remained a controversial issue throughout the world and in all times. Gender biasness has remained an issue in all fields. In some fields the male counterparts feel that the female are being preferred over them and in some conditions it is vice versa. However, in majority of the places and fields, men are considered superior and given priority over women (Brown, Pechman & Brookings Institution, 1987).
One such place where gender discrimination has firm roots is the workplace. In offices men and women both are hired for performing a variety of jobs. No matter up to what extent the women are given freedom and the issue of gender discrimination is addressed, women will always have to face gender inequality. Women working in offices have to face a number of problems and issues particularly relating to the wages and job promotions (DeLaat, 1999). The women working in offices claimed that although they work equally as men but they were not given equal pays and privileges like their men counterparts. Many surveys have been conducted in order to find out what women feel regarding their treatment in various workplaces and the conclusion of nearly all the surveys was same, which was that the women felt that they were not being given equal rights, facilities and favors as the men in the same position were being given (Samuels, 1995).
The European commission also declared that although much effort has been made to eliminate gender discrimination but women have not being given the equal status as men in the work market. It was also said that although the women work equally as the men, and in fact in some cases the women end up doing more work than men in the same positions, but women’s work is less valued and is not much appreciated. It is generally considered that women are only capable of doing jobs which are related to care, hospitality, cleaning and social working. Women are usually not hired on managerial positions and other higher posts in the office because it is a general perception that women cannot do such jobs efficiently. Although women have a number of other duties to oblige to apart from work, yet the women put in all their efforts to produce the best work but still it is thought that the women are not able to produce efficient results for the concerned companies (Bradley, 1999).
It can be summed up to say that in majority of the cases the women feel that they are not being equally treated and are not being given the same accommodation and convenience as their male counterparts. Women, although having the same position and posts are not given the same importance as men in those positions. Many of the laws have been introduced in order to eliminate this discrimination and bring about equality between men and women workforce. The laws have been able to make considerable changes in the mindset but still gender discrimination exists in workplaces (Powell, 1994).
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