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On Becoming a Leader: The Leadership Classic - Essay Example

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As the paper outlines, a leader and a manager are not the same; however, it is possible for one to be both a leader and a manager at the same time. Leaders are usually visionaries, people able to create or contextualize an achievable or overarching dream. Manager, on the other hand, is a planner, they plan. …
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On Becoming a Leader: The Leadership Classic
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Some of the skills that leaders need to possess include the ability to lead by example by taking the initiative where and when necessary, lending a helping hand, and ensuring that all you do is understandable by those under you. Leaders must be passionate and enthusiastic in order for them to inspire trust. Effective communication and taking responsibility and ownership are other essential skills that leaders need to possess. Leaders must also be able to delegate duties since they cannot single-handedly do everything. Leaders must also be very honest, brave, organized, know their people, be good listeners, and must be followers, as well (Bennis, 2009).
In order for managers to develop and enhance leadership skills, there are certain measures they need to adopt such as considering their employees as valuable assets in the organization, treating them with respect, and guiding them towards the achievement of the organizations' goals. Managers also need to be themselves, give due credit to their employees where necessary, communicate effectively, and lead by example (Bennis, 2009). I so doing, they will be able to motivate their employees, communicate with them better, and make their employees trust them.
I think that Sir Richard Branson, of Virgin Group, is an effective leader. Sir Richard Branson has always let his actions speak for themselves; he has led by example. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his companies, and as a result, he has managed to inspire the trust of, not only his employees but many other people. He is tenacious, honest, he knows most of his top employees, he is a good listener and most of all; he is a follower and has the ability to delegate; a trait that has enabled him successfully own more than 400 successful companies. Read More
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