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Improving job performance - Assignment Example

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It is important to perform far above the ground as teamwork to achieve long term and short term organizational goals. Each business…
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Improving job performance
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Extract of sample "Improving job performance"

d] Improving job performance I would like to choose myself in the capa of an “Assistant Manager” in any financial organization like a Bank, Asset management companies, and Brokerage house etc.
The behavior and ethics are playing key roles in any organization to make it efficient and raise profitability for the both employee and employer. It is important to perform far above the ground as teamwork to achieve long term and short term organizational goals. Each business and each industry has some set of policy, guidelines in the form of code of conducts, beliefs and ethics.
Self rewarding is a fun and simple way to keep you motivated. Rewards can be as straightforward or sophisticated as I want as long as they’re inspiration to me and positively promote my goals within my organization. Even small rewards might be keep us going forward and motivate for accomplishment of tasks. Reward and compensation play a key role to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your society.
How to Measure Behaviors:
These are some key points to measure behaviors in an organization
Identification of desirable behavior.
Classify tangible aspects to complete the preferred behavior
Highlight desirable behavior as rapidly as possible
Reinforce desired behavior with rewards that are meaningful to the individual.
Use a continuous reinforcement schedule until the behavior becomes a habit
Make all rewards contingent on performance
Promotion of feelings of justice and equity within organization
Fair and practical organizational policies play a vital role in the interest of organizations because the implementation of individual’s perceptions of injustice can be colliding with working attitudes and behaviors. Issues related to Justice and fair policies included perceptions of fair wages or salaries, equivalent opportunity for promotion, and employee’s selection procedures.
Rewards in accordance with Performance:
Salary is the best reward for any individual. Among different types of performance-based rewards, yearly bonus compensation is common in all organization. (Gomez-Mejia, and Werner 159-160) Organization offers such a plan for their staff, where they receive some percentages on salaries as a bonus annually.
Rewards in accordance with Employee Recognition
Sometimes non-monetary rewards are motivated to employees to perform in a better manner. Recognitions of employee fulfill the psychological needs and requirements in the society. It includes "sale person of the month" or "employee of the year" certificates to derive motivation and recognition for employees.
Rewards in accordance with Ownership Options
Implementation of profit sharing and stock options are using as an element of ownership for motivation and enhancement of performance for staff. Person who believes that he is part-owner of the company may become more efficient and productive because he believes the companys successes is his own.
Rewards in accordance with Considerations
Motivation theories from experts like Herzberg and Maslow state desires and needs of staff must be fulfilled and well managed to keep them motivated.
Determine the Metrics
Technology R &D
Plant capacity
Life of equipment
Quality control
raw material
employee turnover
age of facilities
labor force
Advertising budget
Reward plans
Decision-making speed
Strategic development ability
Product Quality
Market share
Growth in sale
production technology
basic innovation
production patterns
Works Cited
Gomez-Mejia, Luis R, and Steve Werner. Global Compensation: Foundations and Perspectives. London: Routledge, 2008. Print. Read More
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Improving Job Performance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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