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Principles and Practices of Effective Leadership - D1 - Essay Example

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According to Boatman and Wellins (2011), with the current increase in competitive market environments and increased access of firms worldwide to any country owing to the advent of globalization, leadership and leadership development has become essential in order to fulfill the…
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Principles and Practices of Effective Leadership - D1
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Download file to see previous pages ing this factor, an understanding of the various leadership approaches which leaders could adopt to lead their company is extremely crucial for a successful leadership. Leadership approaches are directions which help leaders follow the required path and therefore successfully achieve the goals established by their organization. It is important for a leader going through a process of leadership development to understand these leadership styles and adopt the various characteristics and roles defined by these approaches in managing their company. Moreover, leadership styles like autocratic leadership, democratic leadership, laissez-faire and transformational leadership, each define a set of characteristics, traits, agendas and the relationship a leader adopting each of these styles have with his/her subordinates.
This brings us to authentic leadership, which is highly dependent upon persuasion which is linked to building trust which brings in three elements required for authentic leadership establishment pertaining to the factor of building trust; establishment of a trusting environment, continuous facilitation and training by experts and awareness of the limits to train leaders according to their job requirements since pushing too hard may lead them to be distraught and stop learning, thus negatively impacting the organization in the long run.
Lastly, to become an authentic and good leader, one must act proactively, must take up responsibility for his/her actions if consequences faced, show commitment to the work and be friendly with the workforce, take regular feedback from workforce and share your vision with them to make them feel important and highly value their opinions (Bernel, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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