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The Contemporary Hospitality Industry in Managment - Assignment Example

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The history of hospitality dates back to the early 19th century after industrial revolution took over as the main steering towards development. At this time there was die-hard need of hospitality services in various sectors that could provide a healthy living and leisure joints, and there were also increased demands for accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities…
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The Contemporary Hospitality Industry in Managment
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Extract of sample "The Contemporary Hospitality Industry in Managment"

Download file to see previous pages The essential issue in the hospitality industry is the quality of the service provided. The hospitality industry hence must have a clear working framework and structure that enhances service delivery of which behavior and attitude, kindness in welcoming guests, of the staff plays a very important role (Wood & Brotherton, 2008).
In the quest for a quality product and service delivery in the hospitality industry, it is organized into a specific given structure to address the challenges that may be experienced during service delivery or improving quality service delivery. This structure organization ranges from individual organizations to universal corporate organizations with staff and levels of operations undertaking several diverse tasks. Most people usually limit the structure and branches of the hospitality industry to hotels, restaurants, or motels. This is however not so because the hospitality industry structure and branches are very diversified as it will be outlined in this paper.
The branches and sectors, for instance, are, Events; this is a special sector of the hospitality industry that provides the role of organizing and hosting events such as seminars, conference meetings among others. This is also the hospitality service that is widely known to offer a cordial reception to guests and providing places to sleep for instance hotel rooms. Pubs, bars and nightclubs are also a section of the hospitality industry that is majorly entertainment hangouts. Tourist services are also part of the hospitality industry that provides for vacation, touring and recreational services. Other perceived negligible areas that are part of hospitality industry includes travel services such as airlines and bus services; visitor attraction such as museums and park visits services; self-catering and contract catering; holiday parks; hostels; membership clubs; and gambling (Brotherton, 2003). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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