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Computer technology and the networked organization - Essay Example

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The company has to have records of its members in order to justify if he/she is a member and for the company to have his personal details whether. It advises various types of fields e.g. relationship advices,…
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Computer technology and the networked organization
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Extract of sample "Computer technology and the networked organization"

Download file to see previous pages This helps one monitor the network properly. Any failure is easily seen and will not affect the entire organisation of the company. Star topology is reliable because it is easy to back up the data and easy to access the data. Another important reason is that in this topology my companies system will have no disruptions to the network when connecting and removing devices.
Under the architecture the configurations of the company peer to peer networking architecture will be put in place. This will be of help because all the computers in the network will have the same privilege, capabilities and responsibility among themselves. This will enable file sharing and if anyone wants to acquire information from another customer then he will do it fast and also it is hard for the system to collapse because all computers depend from each other not like client server where one computer is expected for file sharing.
The communication protocol used will be TCP/IP because it will enable the computers in the network to communicate without the help of central management. The reason why I will use TCP/IP in my company because it is compatible with various types of computer hardware and network configurations. Another reason why I found it relevant is it routable and so finds the most efficient path for the packets to move across the network.
I would have created a firewall that will not allow the people who are not in the network to get access in it. This implies that it will set up a control of the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analysing the data packets and determining whether it should pass or not. Secondly I will train my personnel and enforce a having employees and customers who understand and adhere to the companies’ security policies will enable reduce security problems. I will create strong security passwords and strong forms of authentication to prevent guessing and cracking.
Thirdly I will uses security ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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