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Industrial Supervision in the Age of High Technology - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Industrial Supervision in the Age of High Technology,” the author discusses the main principle that a manager needs to keep in mind while trying to motivate employees. There are certain things that promote an employee to work hard and the manager needs to identify these things…
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Industrial Supervision in the Age of High Technology
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Extract of sample "Industrial Supervision in the Age of High Technology"

Download file to see previous pages When a manager’s span of control is wide, he has a lot of subordinates reporting to him as compared to managers who have a narrow span of control. In such cases, a manager may experience loss of control.
7. Empowerment of employees leads to increased employee engagement in the decision-making process and this allows employees to bring in new ideas; this even motivates the employees as they gain a sense of responsibility. Empowerment may be viewed in a negative manner by employees as they may think that the manager is just offloading his burden on their shoulders.
9. Exploitative Authoritative and Benevolent Authoritative System are two close approaches of management that are similar to theory Y as these two approaches state that decisions are made at the top and delegated to the lower section of an organization.
14. The theory of Fredrick Taylor fails to attain the goal of long term productivity as this theory is based on top-down management rule where the instructions are obtained from the top and in such management scenario change is very hard to take place.
15. Delegation of authority takes place when a manager assigns his responsibility and authority to a subordinate to carry out a particular responsibility (Goetsch 120). The advantage obtained from this is that it increases employee’s involvement, but the downside is that the manager is held responsible if the subordinate fails to carry out the responsibility.
18. Electronic communication decreases the lapse time that used to be caused to make appointments and one particular message can be sent to several individuals at the same time. Electronic communication lacks face to face contact, it can lead to misinterpretation of information and electronic communication even contains a lack of privacy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Industrial Supervision in the Age of High Technology Assignment.
(Industrial Supervision in the Age of High Technology Assignment)
Industrial Supervision in the Age of High Technology Assignment.
“Industrial Supervision in the Age of High Technology Assignment”.
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