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Discussion feedback(Project Management ) - Assignment Example

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What you are simply saying is that projects in the IT field have more counter checks than normal projects (six factors versus three). You also correctly argue that the six factors which have to be considered in IT projects seem to have wide scopes of…
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Discussion feedback(Project Management Assignment)
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Extract of sample "Discussion feedback(Project Management )"

21 Mar. Discussion This is a good analysis. What you are simply saying is that projects in the IT field have more counter checks than normal projects (six factors versus three). You also correctly argue that the six factors which have to be considered in IT projects seem to have wide scopes of coverage which touches on different stakeholders. You may need to look at this from the flip side – the more factors you need to consider, the more chances of perfecting a project there are.
Discussion 2
Part 1
You have pointed out that you have technical experience, are a good communicator and motivator, are flexible and can lead by example. You have also noted that you need to work on your self-assurance. It is very important that you work on this skill because in a project, all members draw their strength and inspiration from the team leader.
Part 2
You seem to have a lot of good characteristics but there is a need to work on them such that you become a great leader. Being decisive is very important because leadership has more to do with making decisions than anything else. If you are not decisive, it might be hard to lead a team through a crisis moment. Therefore, you need to work on this characteristic.
Discussion 3
Part 1
A good analysis on why leadership and communication are very important for success of a project. Unfortunately, you seem to consider turnover of team members as not a very important setback. This might not be always the case. Consider a turnover of members in a highly technical project, any replacement of the old members may require substantial time for training and bringing them up to speed. Kindly note that having technical skills may not necessarily mean you can join any technical project in your field at any point and continue working without causing disruptions.
Part 2
Communication to you comes out as a very significant factor in ensuring that projects succeed. If there is good communication, everything is likely to roll out as planned. I like the manner in which you relate the housing bubble with learning lessons from the past. That is definitely one way in which business leaders can learn from the past.
Discussion 4
Part 1
You are right that cost estimation is necessary in order to determine the viability of a project and thus decide whether to go on with it or not. You also correctly note that work breakdown structure is required to determine what it will take to complete the project and identify any challenges which may be encountered. That is a good analysis there.
Part 2
A good attempt at relating cost estimation with work breakdown structure and project planning schedule. You argue that work breakdown structure will enable a company to find out how much a project will cost. This is correctly done.
Discussion 5
Part 1
This is a very nice answer and a critical examination of the significance of Gantt charts. You have brought out well the significance of these charts and have shown why and how they are important. Their significance of ensuring that managers are on top of their toes to ensure that a project is completed in time is well brought out.
Part 2
You show well how the Gantt charts are used to increase efficiency in handling of projects. You argue that it enables you to know when to schedule your work well and do it well ahead in time.
Discussion 6
Part 1
You seem to agree with the research by Baker, Morris and Pinto on the significance of the role of human conditions on the success of a project. I am also in agreement that leadership is very important especially in ensuring that team members develop the right morale.
Part 2
I am in agreement that a good project manager must have great leadership skills. Apart from leadership, there are more themes that Baker, Morris and Pinto touch on that you should have at least highlighted, for instance, willingness of the members to cooperate. Read More
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