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Creating High Performance Organization-course Project Proposal - Case Study Example

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The company is involved in offering direct online access to corporate and individuals. The organization has had to deal with rapid technological advancements and maintaining the desirable customer…
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Creating High Performance Organization-course Project Proposal
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Extract of sample "Creating High Performance Organization-course Project Proposal"

Brief background The Vendoline Company supplies internet services to consumers and businesses. The company is involved in offering direct online access to corporate and individuals. The organization has had to deal with rapid technological advancements and maintaining the desirable customer service. The management of the organization had invested in excellent service delivery and innovation in meeting the consumer demands. As a service provider, Vendoline Company has determined what the consumers expect. The top level management has been investing in real-time access of customers to information like prices and terms of delivery. This has led to online marketing channels that have caused an increase in organizational revenues. The company has online customer services and integrated collaboration with forecasting systems from customers. The company uses customized contents to delivery to the targeted audiences. This entails coordination of systems and different human factors in the entire company (Bogetoft 23). The company has invested in interface management system to deliver excellence to the clients. Web services have enabled the company to deliver an integration legacy and business process execution. I was a web administrator in the company. My role was to ensure that web hosting management systems were functional and effective. I was coordinating a team of IT experts who were had direct contacts with customers. This enabled me to assess the effectiveness of the organizational management practices and systems in the company.
Brief narrative of organizational problem
The company has been suffering from inadequacy in facilitating quick introduction to new services. The company has been struggling in automating business processes. The company has been emphasized on collecting information without the need to manage the content. This has caused system failures through overload. The company has suffered from late human interventions. The management lacks an understanding of the unique needs of the user groups. This has causes the management solutions to be ineffective.
The management has invested in formal learning efforts as the only means of learning. Research shows that 70 percent of learning happens successfully through informal channels. The knowledge management of the organization fails to target the suppliers and customers. This has caused the company to have poor customer retention and revenue enhancement.
Preliminary problem statement
Technological companies are faced by the challenge of rapidly changing external environments. The management has focused on external competition and environment and failed to invest in the internal competencies of the organization. This has compromised excellence in service delivery. There is a need to research on the factors that affect quality and organizational performance in technology based organizations.
Terminal course objective
The problem can be addressed by reviewing the relationship between organizational effectiveness and corporate culture. This entails looking into the management policies and micro-economic policies that affect the performance of the organization. The research is expected to demonstrate how the relationship between culture and effectives in the organization can be used to enhance organizational performance (Bogetoft 23). This must address the internal organizational forces. Organizational effectiveness must address internal expectations, reward and promotions. This can be done effectively through the use of organizational culture inventory
Works Cited
Bogetoft, Peter. Performance Benchmarking: Measuring and Managing Performance. New York: Springer, 2012. Print. Read More
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