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Classic Organization and Scientific Management - Essay Example

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The author of the paper "Classic Organization and Scientific Management" will begin with the statement that classical organization theory represents the merger of scientific management, bureaucratic theory, and administrative theory while scientific management theory has four basic principles…
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Classic Organization and Scientific Management
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Extract of sample "Classic Organization and Scientific Management"

Scientific management is relevant today and is being used in an industrial company such as McDonald food chains because of the monotonous way of performing the same tasks.McDonald food chains have food recipes with known ingredients and every employee knows those recipes, therefore, each employee is assigned a different task along the food processing line in a sequential manner. For instance, let us take a look at making a mango juice. Every day, one employee will be unloading mangoes from the truck to the kitchen, another employee will be washing the mangoes, another employee will be cutting the mangoes into small pieces, and another employee will be blending the mangoes to make mango juice. While we can see scientific management improves productivity in this mango juice making process there is also monotony in the process, however, it gets the job done fast and in a simple way.
Unlike scientific management theory, classical organization theory being a merger of scientific management, bureaucratic theory and administrative theory, itis widely used in businesses with more emphasis on management with a clear line of authorities and hierarchy. For instance, the government of the United States may want to pass a bill about women’s rights in the society, however, because of authority, the house will first pass the bill then the president being the highest authority will sign it into law (Taylor 11)
Therefore, we can draw conclusions that both classic organization and scientific management are relevant today, however, it depends on which business you are looking at. If it entails repetitive tasks, then scientific management is the best approach, however, if it entails management with authority and hierarchy them classic organization is the best approach. Read More
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