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Firm Fixed Price Contract for Reno Municipality to outsource remittance operations for payment processing functions - Essay Example

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The agency will assume the responsibility of the payment process of the utility and he will get data showing the amount in relation to utilities used by each customer. The agency will put the data in a billing statement and deliver it to the customer at the right time. The…
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Firm Fixed Price Contract for Reno Municipality to outsource remittance operations for payment processing functions
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Extract of sample "Firm Fixed Price Contract for Reno Municipality to outsource remittance operations for payment processing functions"

Firm fixed contract reno municipality The agency will assume the responsibility of the payment process of the utility and he will get data showing the amount in relation to utilities used by each customer. The agency will put the data in a billing statement and deliver it to the customer at the right time. The billing statement may reach the customer through an email, billing web site or sent by mail. The agency should keep records of all billing and disbursement functions, collect payments from the customer, offers an account database for municipal customers (customer information system) with regular and current information on account remittances.
The agency shall also be in charge of customer service center and it should be equipped with a live customer phone number and interactive internet site for enabling the customer to request for service, bill questions, and provide solutions to issues that occur like emergencies. The customer center should operate for 24 hours having at least one personnel all the time. In case of emergency the customer service should have communicated directly to the municipality.
The agency should ensure that the bill is provided to the customer within two working days after getting the billing data from the municipality. The agency should also give the municipality a payment verification at the last day of reporting phase. The reporting cycle is based on the calendar days, the first day will be the date that the municipality will provide the data.
The most important performance standard is provision of high quality customer service.
Customer service survey will be strictly be done by the municipality and there will be provision of incentives for customers who responded positively.
Based on the delivery, the agency will be in charge of reconciling all the account billings on a monthly basis and give proper reports to the municipality. The report should contain the number of financial transactions throughout the week and the amounts of currency they represent. Including this information, is the list of computer hardware and software that is used to process the products of the municipality. The contractual terms will be on a yearly basis and renewable up to five years but the municipality retains the right not to renew after the second year if the terms are breached.
The agency is entitled to a 2% of the total revenue as a compensation for their services. The low performance of the agency will be penalized on up to 25% of their fee, including other professional misconduct. Excellent performance will receive an extra 2%of the gross revenue or a lump sum bonus of about fifty thousand dollars to be decided by the company. The preparation for the proposal shall involve bids in sealed envelopes or packages which are addressed to the specific office specified.
The bids will include the the specified time of receipt, the solicitation number, the name and address of the bidder. When using a commercial carrier service, the bidder shall ensure that the bid is addressed and marked on the outermost envelope before office delivery. Telephone and telegraphic bids are not allowed and modifications and withdrawal of bids are not permitted unless through the municipality. Bids that fail to comply with the terms and conditions will be excluded from consideration. The evaluation of the bids will depend on the lowest price and bids that meets the criteria selected. The process schedule will be as follows: on 11th of March, 2011 proposal requests will be presented , on 15 March 2013 request responses will be given, from 18th to 19th of March, reviews on requests will be made and on the 20th of March, results will be announced. Any other correspondent will be addressed to.
Eldin, S. & Benjamin, E. (1997). Contract recognition in agency problems. National bureau of economic research.
Bragg, S.(2004). Controller’s guide to planning and controlling operations. John wiley. Read More
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Firm Fixed Price Contract for Reno Municipality to Outsource Essay.
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