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The Organizing Functions of Management at Walmart - Case Study Example

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The author of the paper examines the functions of management being operated in Wal-Mart. This paper presents the principles and practices of organizing, controlling and planning. It presents the evaluation approaches and processes of the internal operations of the company…
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The Organizing Functions of Management at Walmart
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Extract of sample "The Organizing Functions of Management at Walmart"

Download file to see previous pages Wal-Mart has a vast infrastructure in which organizing, controlling practices and planning approaches are accomplished in the following manner. According to (“Organizing function of management”, n.d.), the organizing functions managed within Wal-Mart are the result of executive authorities and their management, the roles and responsibilities offered by the employees and the effort that the whole company put forward into it. The organizing approaches are based on various factors such as physical assets, financial position, human resources department, knowledge, and technology (“Organizing function of management”, n.d.). Physical assets: Wal-Mart efficiently manages its physical assets in such a way that it keeps the prices low of its products and services, earns more profits and hence gain more customer satisfaction as compared to its other competitors (“Organizing function of management”, n.d.). Monetary: it has a strong cost-structure based upon high profits with discounted low rates. It is market strategy is strong enough to prosper while offering low rates to the customers. Human resources: in order to achieve goals, vision and make a long-run success, Wal-Mart holds an effective Human Resources management. Wal-Mart gains important knowledge regarding various demographic factors through its internal and external working information department (“Organizing function of management”, n.d.). These demographic features include population, age, location, density, and unemployment rate. These economic factors act as pointers which are noted down by the company time to time in order to calculate the economy rate, ups and downs, and effect on the market, etc. The company organizes strategic acts in dealing with various technological factors such as choosing or losing any technological product, controlling assets and inventories using online technologies, modernizing information gathering mediums, advertising products via an in-stores Ad network, etc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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