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Communicating Change - Research Paper Example

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The use of transformation skills can help an organization find its right path. A transformational leader can broaden and elevate his followers to look beyond their self interest to…
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Communicating Change
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Extract of sample "Communicating Change"

Question Companies often face challenges that must be overcome by the managerial staff of the company. The use of transformation skills can helpan organization find its right path. A transformational leader can broaden and elevate his followers to look beyond their self interest to accomplish the best outcome for the company (Warrick, 2011). Transformation skills can be used by the employees to accept the changes within an organization. People are more willing to accept change if they know that the changes will improve the workplace environment.
Question #2
Effective communication is extremely important towards the success of an enterprise (Swayamprapha, Malavika, 2013). A technique that is often used in the corporate environment to improve communication in the workplace is having weekly meetings between the managers and the staff. Any changes that the firm implements can be discussed during a meeting. Another technique that can be used to improve communication in the workplace is the implementation of a feedback system. A feedback system allows the workers the ability to provide input anonymously. Sometimes the workers prefer to speak anonymously to avoid retaliation from the managers. The feedback system can help a company determine whether the workers accept the changes. Question #3
Maintaining a good corporate image can enhance the brand value of a company. Companies with strong corporate images are preferred by customers (Vonhamme, Lindgreen, Reast, Popering, 2012). As the CEO of Tyco I would develop a strong social responsibility program in order to show the general public that the company has changed and that the mistakes committed by its past CEO were an outlier. I would perform quarterly audits to ensure the firm is free of fraud.
Question #4
Companies must maintain good communication with the outside world because the outside world includes important stakeholder groups such as customers and investors. An issue that could occur that hurts the communications with the outside world is miscommunication. Three tools that can be used to communicate with the outside world are the corporate website, annual report, and news bulletins.
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Vonhamme, J., Lindgreen, A., Reast, J., Popering, N. (2012). To Do Well by Doing Good: Improving Corporate Image Through Cause Related Marketing. Journal of Business Ethics, 109(3). p.259-274. Retrieved March 3, 2013 from EBSCOhost database.
Warrick, D. (2011). The Urgent Need for Skilled Transformational Leaders: Integrating Transformational Leadership and Organizational Development. Journal of Leadership, Accountability & Ethics, 8(5). p11-16. Retrieved March 3, 2013 from EBSCOhost database. Read More
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