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Research Methods in Business Management - Essay Example

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The essay “Research Methods in Business Management” looks at ethical obligations, which regulate professional and academic activities. In this paper, the author discusses ethical dilemmas in qualitative research and some of the ethical issues that might arise in his study…
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Research Methods in Business Management
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Extract of sample "Research Methods in Business Management"

Research with vulnerable and protected groups is another ethical dilemma. It arises from the doctrine of justice that established the need for protecting the participants. The rules, however, restrict a researcher’s freedom to explore a research problem from a systematic approach and therefore tempt the researcher to breach the rules. The use of self as a research subject is another ethical dilemma in qualitative research. This is because of associated self-interest in the research together with increased chances that arise from the subjective nature of qualitative research, factors that undermine potential advantages of the approach to research such as a researcher’s rich experiences as a cheap and readily available source of data (Krishnaswamy, Sivakumar and Mathirajan, 2009). The scope of my study that involves an exploration of human experiences is susceptible to ethical issues such as “autonomy, beneficence, and justice” (Academic Conference, 2010).
Developing a research methodology and proposed methods for implementing research is one of the fundamentals of successful research. Ensuring ethical research by providing for ethical considerations and implementing the considerations in a research process is however a challenge. This is because the ethical requirements restrict a researcher and scope of research. I have therefore realized that the need to conduct thorough research may force a qualitative researcher to compromise ethical principles.
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(Research Methods in Business Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Research Methods in Business Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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