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Lance Armstrong vs. USADA: What are we to believe - Essay Example

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The irony is that the controversy raked in by USADA tends to be all embracing and monolithic in its scope and intentions, expecting people to perceive the entire…
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Lance Armstrong vs. USADA: What are we to believe
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Extract of sample "Lance Armstrong vs. USADA: What are we to believe"

Download file to see previous pages Lance Armstrong is not somebody new to the arena of sports and consequently, it will be rational and logical to believe that he had been through ample blood and urine tests aimed at testing doping. There had never been single instance that Armstrong failed a doping test.
Lets for a second assume that Lance Armstrong resorted to doping at some particular instance. However, when it comes to the sportsperson of Lance Armstrong’s calibre, it will be really naive to believe that all the success accomplished by him could by mitigated by aspersions of doping. The extent to which Lance Armstrong excelled in the sports of his choice, it takes much more than doping to excel to that level. It takes much hard work, mental and physical resilience and consistency to be at that level. So, a mere doping charge should no way deprive this legend of the glory that he deserves.
There is no denying the fact that institutions like Augusta National Golf Club tend to have a snob appeal associated with them. Tactics like resorting to exclusive male membership, admitting people of a specific socio-economic background in the membership roles, sticking to many old and formal rituals only add to the overall snob appeal of such institutions. The real strength of such institutions lies not in the facilities and opportunities they extend to their ranks, though it is true that such facilities may be state of art, posh and sophisticated. However, the real socio-economic worth of the institutions like Augusta National Golf Club lies in the aura and reputation they manage to create in the public perception. Common people associate such institutions with exclusivity, status and affluence. That is why; soliciting the membership of such institutions is deemed to be prestigious.
In the light of these facts, the extension of club membership by Augusta National Golf Club to the two women, one of which happens to be Condoleezza Rice is an event that has been overblown. The membership extended by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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