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9.1 - Case Study Example

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If Klaus had decided to “go it alone” without reaching out to people with beverage industry experience, then it would never had been a success story. Because without their guidance and advice, she will not have been able to successfully launch her product and her idea, just…
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CASE 9.1
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Extract of sample "9.1"

Question No She kept her in touch with people with beverage industry experience at each phase of her product’s development. She approached the people with beverage industry experience to test her ideas viability.
She took advice with professionals of the industry for production, sales and customer education.
She approached influential people in the food industry to obtain feedback on her product.
She reached out to major beverage distributors for the distribution of her product.
She hired staff having massive experience in food and beverage industry.
Klaus has been successful to the highest degree (at 10 on the scale of 1-10), to overcome
her lack of industry experience.
Question No 2.
Team Member
Why Selected?
Common Attributes
Marketing Director
Because he had 12 years’ experience in food and beverage industry.
All of them have experience in their respective field.
Most of them have already worked in beverages industry.
Chief Operations Officer
Because he had 10 years’ experience of managing supplies chain and operations with well-known firm.
PR Person
Because he was associated with a public relations firm and could market dry soda effectively.
Sales Executive
Because he already had six years’ experience of marketing, beverages.
Question No 3.
If Klaus had decided to “go it alone” without reaching out to people with beverage industry experience, then it would never had been a success story. Because without their guidance and advice, she will not have been able to successfully launch her product and her idea, just had remained an idea forever. It would have hearted her in the prelaunch phase in the way that she would not have been able to check the viability of the idea otherwise and would not have been as much confident about its success as much she was after discussing it with the people in beverage and food industry. Moreover without obtaining guidance, she will not have been able to understand the process of developing and testing the product. In short words without it she will not have been able to launch her product.
Moreover if she had not reached out to and hired people who already had the experience in beverages industry, it would have equally hearted her business in post launch phase. Because all of the processes could not be managed alone and by inexperienced people.
Question No 4.
Klaus added Dan Ginsberg to her board of directors because his addition had a signaling affect about the potential and viability of the firm. Dan Ginsberg was a perfect choice, because he not only added as a person who had experience of working at an esteemed position with a well-known firm in the beverages industry, but his addition also enhanced image of the firm.
Board of Directors
Why Added to the Board?
Dan Ginsberg
Former CEO of Red Bull.
Klaus added each of them to the board because their addition had a signaling affect and depicted the high potential of DRY Soda.
Paul Shipman
Founder and president of Redhook Ale Brewery.
Stan Baty
CEO of Corus Estates & Vineyads LLC. Read More
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