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Discussion Board Question - Assignment Example

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Strategic considerations do not intend to conceive a forthcoming event or tendency, but it is groundwork or a plan to acclimatize to an indecisive future. …
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Discussion Board Question
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Strategic considerations do not intend to conceive a forthcoming event or tendency, but it is groundwork or a plan to acclimatize to an indecisive future. The employment of strategic considerations to persons preparing a budget is important because beyond affording the company with strategic plans for uncertain drifts in the business, it also inspires excellence. Budget preparation is crucial in that it helps executives determine their company’s strengths and weaknesses. So, the following strategic considerations in budget preparation are probably the most important:
1. Positive Net Price Value. Positive Net Price Values do not crop up from the mechanisms that investors can achieve by themselves; they basically come from economic rents. Budget persons should closely look at economic rents that descend from various sources such as maximizing the resources, low-cost production, obtaining control over the market by finding out how to offer customers with best quality but low-priced products, acquiring monopoly, etc.
2. How to apply strategic plans to extension process. As mentioned earlier, strategic considerations help adapt to future drifts that cannot be expected. Hence, the basic principle is to consider as much options as possible or the so-called multiple-scenario planning.
2. Sales tax and payroll tax are at two opposite ends. As the government imposes more tax on retail sale of most prime commodities, with the imposition of taxes on payroll taxes, the people will suffer. In this case, I think taxes that are equitable are those that respond positively to the need and welfare of the people. Social security tax is far more equitable in that it considers income categories in the implementation of its policies. From 2009 through 2011, Security Tax was only imposed to wages that reach at least $106,800. Excise taxes are less equitable in that in most cases they are applied to products that need production and sales regulation such as tobacco products and diesel fuel; however, some reasons behind the implementation of excise tax are merely caused by political interests, especially with the involvement of large corporations and monopolizing companies. Read More
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Discussion Board Question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Discussion Board Question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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