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Compare my experience in taking an online course versus that of a traditional classroom course - Essay Example

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For most people, the concept of learning is closely associated with ideas of intensive training, lecturing and the development of memorization tricks that will enable one to retain information long enough to pass the next test. Boradbent (2002) identifies these forms of…
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Compare my experience in taking an online course versus that of a traditional classroom course
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Extract of sample "Compare my experience in taking an online course versus that of a traditional classroom course"

Download file to see previous pages , weigh the facts, make connections and use this information to achieve a wide variety of outputs, the “acquisition of skills, knowledge and attitudes” (Boradbent, 2002: 111) that makes a successful learner. For me, a rich learning experience is found whenever it becomes possible for students to be actively engaged in the learning process. This happens when the knowledge to be gained is transmitted in a way that encourages students to apply various learning techniques to the material thus making it possible for them to achieve lifelong learning in whatever area they choose. However, as more and more colleges begin to offer online courses, it is important to compare the level of learning that can be achieved in these classes as compared with more traditional environments.
Before it is possible to determine which learning environment would be best for me, I first underwent a process of discovering my own personal learning style. This was a difficult process because I didn’t seem to have any one way in which I learned best. David Kolb suggested that there are basically four different types of learning styles used by the majority of students to differing degrees. Within his classification system, I recognized two methods that particularly applied to my individual learning style including the diverger and the accommodator (Kolb, 2002: 114). What helps me to learn best is when I find myself in an open environment where discussions can take place without being afraid of offending and where ideas can be explored. However, there are times when even this is not exactly the best option for me as I just need to engage in some passive activity, learning from other people’s ideas. This is not unusual as Boradbent indicates, “learning styles are not cast in concrete. Learners are not always hooked on one style” (2002: 115). At the most basic level, I agree with Mel Silberman (cited in Boradbent, 2002: 115) who says that the most effective learning ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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