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The Advantages of Gantt Charts over PERT Diagrams - Assignment Example

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This paper focuses on providing sharp insight into the advantages of Gantt charts over PERT Diagrams as well as determining whether it is advantageous for a company to employ PERT diagrams. Additionally, the study puts forth the circumstance under which one may decide to crash a project.   …
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The Advantages of Gantt Charts over PERT Diagrams
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Extract of sample "The Advantages of Gantt Charts over PERT Diagrams"

3. What are the advantages in the use of Gantt charts over PERT Diagrams? In what ways might PERT diagrams be advantageous?
Research indicates that for many years, project networks has been developed using the PERT diagram despite being based on a stochastic process which may lead to inaccurate outcomes (Pinto & Jeffrey, pp 312-314). However, with the development of Gantt charts, numerous advantages have been derived over the application of a PERT diagram in project scheduling. This is because Gantt diagram not only provides a link between the activities and project schedule time but also provides an opportunity to now how the activities will be undertaken as well as the actual date when the project will begin till and the time it will be accomplished (Pinto & Jeffrey, pp 312). However, despite the shortcomings of the PERT diagram, the diagram provides project managers with a tool for planning on how the tasks will be accomplished (Pinto & Jeffrey, pp 312-314).
4. Under what circumstances might you wish to crash a project?
The crashing project may involve compressing the activities duration in order to reduce the amount of time that could have been taken to complete the project (Pinto & Jeffrey, pp 220-311). Therefore, a project might be crushed under the following circumstances: when the project is lagging behind the scheduled time, secondly due to market demand whereby, it may be required to accomplish a project earlier before the scheduled date (Pinto & Jeffrey, pp 220-311).
Therefore, based on the above it can scrutinize the advantages of applying Gantt charts outweigh those of PERT diagram. Additionally, it can be scrutinized that project managers may crash a project if it is lagging behind schedule as well as to meet market demand. Conclusively, it is very vital to remain within a critical path when crashing a project in order to compress the amount of time spent as well as reduce the cost that could have been incurred if the project was crashed using the slack time path(outside the critical path).   Read More
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