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Litrature Review - Article Example

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It identifies the history of testing with the First World War in which it was used to recruit soldiers. Its application has however been…
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Litrature Review
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Extract of sample "Litrature Review"

Literature review The literature review explores the history and fundamentals of psychological tests and significance of the tests to human resource management. It identifies the history of testing with the First World War in which it was used to recruit soldiers. Its application has however been extended to human resource management where it is used to identify potential employee’s suitability to meet a job’s specifications and an organization’s culture. The authors succeeded in exploring fundamentals of psychological testing, concepts of testing and types of tests together with roles of tests in human resource management. Though not citing their source of information, they identify development of tests with late 19th century before its application in the world war. The authors however ensured credibility in subsequent sections of the review that are adequately referenced. These sections include review of types of tests that identifies cognitive ability tests, mechanical ability test, motor and sensor ability test, sensory ability test, and aptitude test with such applications as selection of employees, training and development, team building and development, and career development and progression. The general approach to the authors’ literature review that relied on numerous and diversified sources further identify the authors’ good job in establishing a credible review. The authors therefore did a commendable job in reviewing existing literature to consolidate information on the subject. Their findings are valid because they are based on published resources, reliable because of the extensive scope of the explored resources, and I concur with the authors’ opinions that psychological tests are important to personnel decisions because the identified concepts are widely practiced (Ajila and Linus, 2012).
Ajila, O. and Linus, O. (2012). Employment testing and human resource management. IFE PsychologIA (20.2): 91- 98. Read More
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