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Identifying and Analyzing Level of Customer Service in Saudi Arabian Firms - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Identifying and Analyzing Level of Customer Service in Saudi Arabian Firms" discusses that respondents will be selected randomly in order to gain maximum possible perspectives of customers related to the customer service level of Saudi Arabian business firms. …
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Identifying and Analyzing Level of Customer Service in Saudi Arabian Firms
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Extract of sample "Identifying and Analyzing Level of Customer Service in Saudi Arabian Firms"

Download file to see previous pages Customer service is the cornerstone on which customer relationship depends to a considerable extent. In other words, customer service determines and influences customer relationship and enables the business firms to develop a positive relationship with customers. Customer service represents an integrated and comprehensive set of business processes and practices delivered by business firms to the customers. Business organisations worldwide strive to deliver an enhanced and enriched set of customer services in order to entail high customer satisfaction (Shoult, 2006). It has also been identified that customer buying decision influenced by the customer service significantly. High quality and positive customer services attract customers in purchasing or availing particular products and services. On the other hand, low quality and poor customer service led the customers to switch over to other competitors. This act on the part of customers of switching over to other competitors affects the image and reputation of business firms negatively. This situation of switching over other competitors prevails more significantly in the case of Saudi Arabian business firms. The present research study aims at identifying and analyzing the level of customer service in Saudi Arabian firms like airlines, banks, telecommunication companies, hospitals, restaurants and many more. The variables affecting Saudi Arabian consumers’ decision like price, quality, after sales services, competing for offers and many more will also be discussed in the underlying study. The selection of research methods, data collection strategies and approaches will also be done in accordance with the overall purpose and aims of the study.
The research problem acts as a founding stone for the study as it paves the path for organising and conducting other sections of the research process. In light of this, research problem for the present research study is: To what extent the variables like price, after-sales service, competitors’ offers, etc affect Saudi Arabian consumers’ buying decision and whether the development of customer relationship management can help Saudi organizations to get competitive advantage and expand the base of their customers? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Identifying and Analyzing Level of Customer Service in Saudi Arabian Research Proposal.
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