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Development methods - Essay Example

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In the merger, firms often exchange stocks and one company issue shares to the stakeholders of another firm at a certain percentage. Acquisition involves one…
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Development methods
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Extract of sample "Development methods"

DEVELOPMENT METHODS By Lecturer: of Affiliation: and Development Methods A merger refers to amalgamation of two antecedent separate industries, typically as more or less identical partners. In the merger, firms often exchange stocks and one company issue shares to the stakeholders of another firm at a certain percentage. Acquisition involves one firm taking over ownership of another, but a merger includes the combination of two firms in order to form a single entity (Cooper and Finkelstein, 2006). The motive for both mergers and acquisitions is strategic, managerial and financial. Many companies conduct mergers and acquisition for varied aspects such as performance aspects, market power aspects and management aspects. There are both undertaken to improve the performance measure or increase the cost saving opportunities. Organic growth is whereby a strategy is achieved through building on advancing the capabilities of an organization. It is defined as the growth rates of the firm excluding the scale increases from mergers, acquisition or takeovers (Hess, 2007). In strategic alliance, more than one firm shares resources and activities in order to pursue a strategy. Hassanien, Dale and Clarke (2010, 17) define strategic alliance as an arrangement between two or more independent firms, which makes a decision of operating in a certain business. This is through jointly coordinating resources and skills on their own or merging their operations.
Microfinance industry is one of the institutions that have been growing significantly through organic, merger, acquisition and strategic alliance. This sector has attracted many investors because of varied reasons, hence strategically increasing the performance level. The first reason is that the industry is not only based on financial motives but also managerial and market share motives. Many microfinance firms have been operating their business where there are potential markets. Shenkar and Reuer (2006, p. 123) argue that many microfinance industries strive to survive in the global competitive market; thus many of them seek for alternative means of surviving in the competitive global market. Therefore, they conduct mergers and acquisitions as well as choose organic growth and strategic alliance in order to achieve successful business performance.
The merger between Britvic and AG Barr is inclined; thus it is a share deal with management emerging from both companies. The deal is structured as an acquisition from both companies and the shareholders seem to be on the top. Both organizations share the shame profits and the annual cost savings are high. However, cutting costs by both companies seem to be a difficult task, but the business deal of merging the companies will significantly benefit both companies. This will make the companies be among the leading soft drink industries across Europe. Despite these benefits, there are always negative impacts associated with merging companies. This is especially the impact on the market since these companies will dominate in the business market. Therefore, my advice to the new board is that these companies should be ready to share the risks and lower cost in order to increase their performance level. In order for companies to get into the scale and compete with the leading companies such as Coke, they should ensure that the strategic alliance is suitably created. They should ensure that similarities in terms of industrial features such as structure and cultural aspects align in both companies. This is because some aspects such as different cultural aspects may hinder organizational performance; thus the board should ensure that the organizational culture and structure align effectively.
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Development Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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