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Project Management - Bubble Bee Case part 3 [sap21] - Essay Example

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The simplest way to conjure about the idea of Bubble bee case cash flow is in the actual money outflow and inflow to the company. It eliminates all of the…
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Project Management - Bubble Bee Case part 3 [sap21]
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Memorandum Chairman, Bubble Bee Enterprise CC: Lu Bop; Team members Mr. B. Bop 9/7 Re: Project costing: Cash flow ment The total project cost is $1,691,999.98 with the most expensive activity being the assembly equipment ($528,000). The simplest way to conjure about the idea of Bubble bee case cash flow is in the actual money outflow and inflow to the company. It eliminates all of the accounting modifications appearing on an income statement such as depreciation and deferred income taxes. In analysis, the company can ascertain operating success and earning power in a unique way. In the case of bubble bee case, practical considerations maximize situations such as inflation. Perhaps the most significant value that understanding cash flow provided in six (6) months is in building investor confidence so that the capacity of the company to meet future operating expenses is determined.
The Cash flow Bubble Bee ensures that every cash flow item happens at the acceptable seniority to items. Categories of cash flow items present Bubble Bee case with comparison of Cash flow Statement in the bubble gum Project Finance Model.
Activities are budgeted depending on the needs and intensity of work. Trial procedure is more costly than logistics. During the first month, much of the cost went into product development and requirement and needs survey. The second month saw costs distributed to product development, trial and logistics. The sixth month had most of the costs going into compliance (food, drug and administration approval, product planning, protection and ramp up). The cash flow statement gives details that can be enthusiastically evaluated from an external investor’s dimension, whereas the cash flow bubble bee gives information that can be analyzed by the banks.
The screenshot shows a higher level graphics of a cash flow statement. When categories are compared with the structure, the differences in costs and baselines can be identified. This ensures cash allocations are done according to item seniority and intensity. This is especially significant in scenario analysis or downside sensitivity in which the operating cash flows are highly stressed.
The cash flow bubble bee also shows daily and weekly spending and calculates the net movement in the cash balance, within the project hence predicting cash closing balances. Including integrity checks to cost line signifies the possibility of Closing Cash Balance (Balance C/f) being negative. This is a critical element to project completion. Cash flows help in reinforcing integrity check which is added a project to funding by identifying negative cash balance which determines a practical scenario.
Cash flow Statements
Cash flow statement 1(January and February 2013)
Cash flow statement 2 (March and April 2013)
Cash flow statement (April May and June 2013)
Cash flow statement and totals (July 2013)
Project Management Institute. (2004). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK® Guide, 3rd Edition. Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, Project Management Institute, pp. 9-10. Read More
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