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Recent Hotel/Restaurant Service - Essay Example

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It is no longer surprising that one’s expectations can be outsmarted with the perception; constantly, making choices is made on expectation and this is accentuated if one does not have solid information about a place like a restaurant. One may find the situation much more…
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Recent Hotel/Restaurant Service
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Extract of sample "Recent Hotel/Restaurant Service"

It is no longer surprising that one’s expectations can be outsmarted with the perception; constantly, making choices is made on expectation and this is accentuated if one does not have solid information about a place like a restaurant. One may find the situation much more organized and responsive than what the initial expectation was. In deed this is the question of first impression last long; therefore, in cases where the expectation is surpassed, one not only tends to have a lasting liking of the place, but also develops a feeling that the cost incurred is worth and associates with such places in the future. The effects of such situation have an indelible impact on one’s psychology; this is what I recently experience in one of the restaurant in town-my expectations were below the perception and experience I had.
In normal circumstances, one would expect to find a restaurant in one of the towns so full that it looks like public gatherings. If not you expect the tables and the chairs to be closely parked that a feeling of others eavesdropping in your conversation becomes a matter of concern. Noise is another issue that is frequently encountered in the restaurants. If you want to avoid all these, then you have to make a choice and visit some of the five star hotels where food is extremely expensive. My experience was quite different with all these, in the restaurant where I recently went to, food prices are normal with reasonable distance between tables. It was so spacious that noise and fear of eavesdropping was not anything to make one bothers, this was not in my expectation at all.
Unlike in other restaurants, getting the services right is not a problem to them, in the restaurant, people tend to demonstrate a degree of antisocial behavior, this is in the sense that one does not want to experience frequent wait staff interruption based on slightest stretch of the muscle or nod. At the same time, people do not want to take long before the wait staff realizes that they need another round of drink or order. Striking this balance is very difficult with most of the wait staff hovering around and bothering by engaging customers in a heated conversation characterized with amnesia on the stuffs ordered. This other restaurant sufficed above all these as they defied the inconveniences people are fighting to internalize-it was amazing that they do get it right.
It is also fair that I recognize their rationality, in most restaurants; you will find that a bottle of wine costs almost three times higher than what it is in the retail shops. It has become a common trend that people have gotten use of the situation. It is understandable the restaurant proprietors have to make a living out of their business but at the same time, it is outrageous to extort the people of their money merely on account that they have chosen to take a drink in the restaurant. Take for example bottle of wine that costs $ 10 in the retail shops will cost $30 in the restaurants, my recent restaurant rose above this and it took comparable prizing method that left me agape.
In conclusion, there are many service-related issues that people become used to may be because of the fact that they have acclimatize to one system or that they have deliberately failed to explore. I have to admit that the restaurant introduced me to a completely new version of what a restaurant should be-once I am in the town, it will remain my priority choice. Read More
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(Recent Hotel/Restaurant Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Recent Hotel/Restaurant Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Recent Hotel/Restaurant Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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