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Focus paper for ASIA History - Case Study Example

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No matter whether there is an amateur football club or a professional league club playing, there is consistent liking and fan following of the game (Flaherty). The domestic soccer is…
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Focus paper for ASIA History
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Extract of sample "Focus paper for ASIA History"

Economics of Sports Soccer being the most popular game in both UK and America is appreciated throughout the globe. No matter whether there is an amateur football club or a professional league club playing, there is consistent liking and fan following of the game (Flaherty). The domestic soccer is very strong within in the UK and also in the American districts. And for this reason, any small soccer club like Mississippi Storm can come up by playing good football and appearing persistently on the grounds. Creating hype for the club does not require big sponsors or high investment and in fact good planning and a strategic sense can bring good starting place for the club (Flaherty).
Here are some of the tactics which Mississippi Storm Soccer Club should adopt to bring atmospheric games:
For bringing quality games, role of Storm’s manager is very important. The manager should integrate local bodies to organize more and more games for the club (Word Press).
Apart from big games like seasons which are not on a regular basis, the manager should appreciate all games coming up for Storm. This will create the starting fan following, the initial image required to bring stimulating games for Storm in the near future (Word Press).
Spending on resources is not important as the Coaching tactics are. Players should be developed both mentally and physically in order to bring passion and will in their matches. This is what football lovers want to see in any football game as they pay for the quality and not for a boring drag match that is full of sponsors and nothing more (Word Press).
Manager should communicate tough teams and decide hard matches for the Storm. Playing an opponent which is challenging is what creates hype in the game. It is recommended that manager organize quality games instead of searching sponsors for drag matches (Word Press).
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Flaherty, Stewart. "What Impact Do Soccer Coaches Have on Kids?" 26 July 2011. 31 January 2013 .
Word Press. "30 Ways To Improve Your Soccer Clubs Community ." 19 June 2012. 31 January 2013 . Read More
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(Focus Paper for ASIA History Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Focus Paper for ASIA History Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Focus Paper for ASIA History Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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