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Read the article first, then answer the question - Essay Example

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According to the case, personal unhappiness and negative feeling adversely impact work performance. Employees, who are emotionally vulnerable and not happy in their personal life, tend to develop…
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Read the article first, then answer the question
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Extract of sample "Read the article first, then answer the question"

Answer The case highlights the theme of happiness as precursor to productive output. According to the case, personal unhappiness and negative feeling adversely impact work performance. Employees, who are emotionally vulnerable and not happy in their personal life, tend to develop pessimistic outlook and their unhappiness is reflected in their poor work. Organizations have increasingly started using ‘happiness coaches’ which counsel employee as how to cope with their unhappy situations and look for positive things in them to make their future bright. These coaches or gurus help people to rationalize their situations with positive attitude and thereby reduce their stress and unhappiness. The exercise facilitates people to overcome their problems and look at the brighter side of the things, resulting in higher productivity at workplace.
Answer 2
Human behavior is intrinsically linked to socio-psychological wellbeing of individuals which is reflected in their interaction with other within the defined social fabric or environment. Thus, understanding of human traits and their behavioral pattern greatly equips organizational leadership to ensure improved performance outcome at the workplace. Levinson (2002) believes that psycho-analytical tools help to understand the hidden dynamics of human relationships, especially within work environment that is mainly described by organizational culture, social defenses, motivation, leadership imperatives etc. Effective communication would help to promote understanding of conflicting issues and situations so that they can be resolved easily. Hence, organizational leadership must constantly promote greater communication amongst the workers and create environment for building constructive relationship based on mutual respect and understanding of cross cultural values.
(words: 272)
Levinson, H. Organizational Assessment: A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Consulting. Washington DC: American Psychological Association, 2002.
Sharma, S and Chatterjee, D. ‘Cos Are Keenly Listening to ‘Happiness Coach’’. Economic Times, 16 July, 2010. 27 Jan. 2013. Read More
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