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Challenges of Information Technology - Research Paper Example

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In the process, operational challenges have emerged, among them data management issues. Security is a critical challenge in the management of data, text, and documents in the…
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Challenges of Information Technology
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Extract of sample "Challenges of Information Technology"

Challenges of Information Technology Affiliation: Question Information technology has revolutionized the manner in which business operations are undertaken. In the process, operational challenges have emerged, among them data management issues. Security is a critical challenge in the management of data, text, and documents in the business setting. As data volumes increase, maintaining their security has proven to be a difficult task. Data, text, and documents are stored in systems that are prone to hacking and computer viruses (Byrne & LeMay, 2010). For this reason, maintaining secure platforms for data management has become a challenge for many businesses. Moreover, data management with enhanced high-tech security is an expensive undertaking.
Question #2
Network management in the organizational setting experiences both the positive and negative aspects of improved technology. Improved networks have made communication efficient and effective in and out of the organizational setting (Kuhn, 2008). Employees have been quick to exploit this realization, resulting in network management challenges. Use of smartphones and other devices on company networks have increased network usage costs, necessitated time to time maintenance, and threatened network security. To address these challenges, a company would need to have its employees subscribe to its network, or limit its network usage on personal smartphones and other devices. The company can also allow its employees to use their personal devices on its network, with a requirement to meet maintenance fees from time to time. Finally, where network security is threatened, administrative rights should be used to monitor and control company network usage by employees (Klein, 2009).
Byrne, Z. S. & LeMay, E. (2010). Different media for organizational communication: Perceptions of quality and satisfaction. Journal of Business and Psychology, 21(2), 149-173.
Klein, S.M. (2009). A management communication strategy for change. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 9(2), 32-47.
Kuhn, T. (2008). A communicative theory of the firm: Developing an alternative perspective on intra-organizational power and stakeholder relationships. Organization Studies, 29(8-9), 1227-1254. Read More
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